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Friend of the poor

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Friend of the poor

Friend of the poor

Friend of the poor

Raila and Uhuru Kenyatta? Wait we shall discuss such issues when the right time comes. I said you must strive while still here alive on earth and do at least a thing  that can  let us fill the parliamentary building  if atall a state funeral is granted to you.

Africa has its wayand, I will tell you why there, in Rwanda, people do the things they do whenever it comes to elections.

Thank you so much for obeying the commandments.One must first gettired, of what one is passing through, to get there. It is only then that you decide to go away from where you are right now, to lookfor what you really want and deserve.

It cannot be denied, I have made a lot of people. These people, knew what they wanted but in them where things that had deterred them from progressing. Writers who didn’t know that it is titles that sold books are now winning awards.

Editors, thatwe found limping, have now discovered secrets. They are safe now. Theirnewspapers are now selling.

No one can stop me from hugely selling what I manufacture because I am surely aware of what to take to the market place.

Thank you for trusting us and this newspaper will exist as long these men and women here, full of knowledge and wisdom, are still willing to say what they are feeling. I am going to let you rise up because it is the only thing you must do now.

Rest in peace my brother John Sebaana Kizito. Your wife is Namiro.  So, the Mamba clan will miss you a lot. I was not surprised when I saw the king visiting you, to look at you, at your death bed. Now, this day has also come.

See here, the people you admire were in fact like the poorest man you see over there near Owino carrying luggage or shouting prices for second hand clothes,so that the poor can be attracted.

See, in Kenya. I cry over Kenya. These families are only two.They think they mustthink for all those Kenyans, for all those years,since independence. Raila Odinga, Kenyatta family.More things are still happening and, you will hide your head inyour palms, in disbelief. You Kenyans, here,in the universities here, on this soil, think.

You demonstrate a lot and you did during all my years at Makerere University but can’t you see that it has gone beyond? Raila, Kenyatta. Wake up.

I am a friend to the poor,not only that boy or girl, ragged and sleeping rough,but also you,who went to schools and, read.

You can write, but cannot analyze things. The country starves. The other day I visited a school and then a home in Busoga and I was served with sour posho. Ihad gone to see these things,whetherthey really happened.

Did  the drought of last year indeed do something that almost made the electoratewanting to regretwhy queued up to vote people who they now say do not care?

Esther Mbayo, really, you might be working. Yes yourpeople say it. One travels through sugarcane plantations and that murram road, Iganga to Luuka, is now slightly better.  Carry on. There is hunger in Uganda.But is itpolitics-induced or? Weshall find out. I am a friend to the poor. So I speak.

I was so poor and I spent a lot of years in poverty. I wore real rags for years. I always visited open air markets and just visited because I couldn’t affordwhat was put downthere on the floor to sell, by the dishonest vendors. Now we must talk.

Our politicians arepoor. Coins lure them. Some are going to be turfed out of those parties that their fathers told them to be in forevermore. There is going to be a lot of decamping. Wait, until 2021 arrives. You cannot pump such matter, to help people, in such an article if you are poor. Research is made. We travel a lot.

Success these days calls for determination. You mustthink. You mustwork all the time. Otherwise, the redundancy letter is there. They are going to sackyou.Look, the employer is also under pressure. The empire is falling upon him. They no longer sleep.

Now, theyare about to decide, so that they send you home. You will pack your things, to go, after losing gainful employment.

Willyour children manage to go to Gayaza again? Oh terrible! I am your friend my friend. Change!  Do, now, things differently. Work!

Adama Barrow, in the Gambia, didn’t fear. Hebelieved that thepeople, in the Gambia,deserved better.  Hahya Jammeh, a despot, couldn’t cling on, after those 22 years in power. Wake up.You need the thing. Go for it.

Lukwago stop crying. Let’s go to work today, and we erect the skyscrapers. These people leading us, here, are poor. I said.

The reasonthey are still here and very afraid to go back to their farms, to work,with their hands. I am their friend. I must change them.  Words are mattering. He is quarreling.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer

An Inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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