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See the gap

See the gap’

See the gap’

I am very aware that, almost every day, a lot of people give up to go, and are doing other things. Ten years passed before I got what I wanted. During all the lean years, I was an active amateur writer. I wrote scripts and tore them and wrote more nonsense.

Things were not easy. I am today popular and more powerful than those writers, in the streets, because I used the hardest route. You will get what you want. Do not ignore the years I spent, mastering the art of writing, to inspire and to convince people.

You must endure and wait until your time comes. Look ahead. Robert Kyagulanyi felt it, that people in Uganda were now willing and ready to vote, into power, people who looked unserious, and could joke. He saw the gap. He was elected to parliament.

See the gap. Kizza Besigye has a little ability but he didn’t think hard to know whether the current leader was not willing to lead this poor country even during this period of time. Let him wait.

This is should be noted: Besigye is growing old and age sometimes should be considered when one is pursuing something. One’s age matters.

This is the time. Begin. A boy, who desires to one day join the premier league, in England, should know that at thirty, no serious club may want his services.

We are in the temple, of wisdom. Value time and avoid lying to yourself, when looking for something. Today beyond 75 do not think of one day becoming the president of this country.

When Magogo saw that the Joseph Kabuletas were busy knocking Lawrence Mulindwa in the head to force him run away from power, he  started visiting more and more radio stations to be given more air time, so that he could groom himself.

People eventually knew him. He is today the FUFA president. The press had already weakened Mulindwa. Magogo used the chance. It was proper calculation. The same happened during the Obua times. The sword used against Denis was then sharpened,  to hack Lawrence, Mulindwa.

The leaders were poor in the seventies, and eighties. Yoweri Museveni saw the gap and he easily ascended to power. He has led for more than thirty years. He saw the gap and, without delaying, walked quickly away, from the common man, to fight for the respected chair, where he has been for three decades. Watch all people with eyes, in Zimbabwe.

If it is not yet time for the president to go please opposition wait, and when the time comes, we shall tell you, when we have seen the gap. Wait.

As if in Uganda comedy means vulgarity. We need to see serious comedians here.  Ragga dee knocked himself down, when he competed against Erias Lukwago. I now know why Betty Kamya crossed to the ruling party.

When our boxers go overseas to compete, they never come back. When Basudde and Kafeero or Kasozi died, no one sat where they were sitting. Is there anybody with eyes to see so that he can make money from Kadongo Kamu?

We today lack powerful journalists who can bring or topple governments. See the gap. I have enough evidence and therefore with a right to say that its journalists who brought Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to power. See more things that you can write about, though naked women and big money spenders cannot be taken away from our country. Journalists in Katwe brought Museveni to power.

I have evidence. This city is full of potholed roads. Are you seeing, journalists? Kizza Besigye is holding a very big calculator. Are you seeing journalists? Ken Lukyamuzi kept quiet long time ago. Are you watching journalists? It is easy today for an opposition politician to cross to the ruling party.

Are you seeing journalists?  Why did Betty Kamya decamp? Politics might be a different thing from what I know.

We people who travel a lot, across this country, have seen and heard the electorate saying that they send new MPs to parliament so that those MPs can also eat.

Go around, asking people why they sent Esther Mbayo, of Luuka district, to the parliament of this country. A poor journalist can now wake up, to see the gap.   A lot saleable of articles can today be written.  See the gap.

A bold and courageous newspaper will be sold, against all odds, even if the population of that area or country is so illiterate and not willing to fight, against ignorance.

I came here to give away secrets. Now: Most readers, of books and newspapers or magazines, see headlines and pictures first and, generally, these two things, the headline and the pictures, are bought before such sharp words, like these ones, are seen.

There is too much laziness across the world today.  Take the things you have, to the market place. There is room.  Your competitors are in fear. The sellers, today, are fewer than the buyers.  see!

Sekka Bagenda is a writer

An Inspirational Public Speaker and a sports scientist

Have your say via: 0756717967 or email:



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