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Mayanja, the Businessman and Musician

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Mayanja, the Businessman and Musician

Mayanja, the Businessman and Musician

Mayanja, the Businessman and Musician

This is the story of Rasta Mayanja, a resident of Kabowa. He is an accountant by profession and a music artiste by birth.


“Hajji Ashraf, I’m called Rasta Mayanja. I was born 45 years ago. I studied Commerce at Nakawa and stayed with my father and mother in Ndeeba.

“My father was a popular mechanic in Ndeeba. He stayed happily with our mother in a monogamous family, but Mom and Dad died in a motor accident on Mubende/Mityana Road.

“I have four siblings; a sister and three brothers. The property of our late Dad was distributed equally and we were all satisfied with the distribution. I was chosen to be the heir (Musika) to our late father. There was some hard cash given to each of us. As the heir, I was also given the main house on a land of two acres in Ndeeba.

“By that time, I had finished my education and had got a Diploma in Commerce. So I started to deal in buying and selling spare parts. Things were working out very well, until I became greedy and wanted to expand the business for more profits.

“I went for a loan from the bank and opened up another shop, after using part of the loan money to marry Hasifah, in a colourful wedding ceremony that was the talk of town. I later assigned Hasifah to take care of the second shop. Little did I know that the interest on the loan money was accumulating so fast that it was eating up my capital.

“Hasifah was also pregnant with our first born; and she was attending an expensive antenatal clinic.

“The business was running so bad that I was forced to close Hasifah’s shop by selling the little goods in it to pay the bank loan. But it was like kusiwa nsaano kumazi (like I had done nothing).

“From the property I inherited there was an acre of land in Wankulukuku. I sold it and paid another part of the loan but still I had a long way to go. Meanwhile, in the bank, I had presented my Ndeeba land title where the main house of my late father was as the security. It was the very house where I was staying with my wife, Hasifah.

“Being in a prime land the bank wanted to sell it. There were many willing buyers from the bank itself who wanted it at the fall of the hummer.

“Hajji Ashraf, I couldn’t let my late father’s home go just like that. I was determined to save it. Hasifar was always there to keep me calm when she realized that I was stressed. To avoid me getting depressed, Hasifah acted the best wife I’ve ever seen.
“Hajji Ssemakula, a long life friend of my late father, was there. I went to him and presented my problem. He acted so fast to save his late friend’s son. He gave me the money on condition that I pay back in five years. After the elapse of five years he would have to take the land tittle.
“This was more than honest, that Hajji Ssemakula was. I rescued my title and gave it to him as security for his money.

“Already my business was on the drip under the mercy of Allha. I agreed with Hasifah to sell the shop and open up a small retail store for her before I went for kyeyo. I was determined to work day and night to pay Hajji Semakula to get my tittle back.

“I went to Canada and worked while studying music. I didn’t know that I was a good musician. I worked during the day and in the evening, go to music lectures. Things really worked out for me, and Hajji wange, in three years, I had paid Hajji Ssemakula all his money plus a bonus of one million shillings. It was big money then.
“I stayed in Canada for another ten years, working tirelessly and I saved a lot of money. We were always in touch with Hasifah. And I sent her money almost on a weekly basis for all the time I was in Canada.  With enough money to start up something big in my country Uganda, I made up my mind to come back.


This will be continued at Bat Valley Theatre in the play “Engalabi ya Naduli”.
Asalaam Alaikum



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