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‘This poverty among former celebrities’

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‘This poverty among former celebrities’

‘This poverty among former celebrities’

‘This poverty among former celebrities’

The world has done their talking. They have finished. Now the temple sits to have its say about what has gone wrong with our so called celebrities in this country. I held my right cheek in disbelief when I received the news that Qute Kaye had been caught in an act I had never imagined he would ever do. Kaye was caught stealing.

Some people can talk more about witch craft, but not me. I am a man who has worked with my own hands for all these years since I discovered the importance of money and greatness.

Qute Kaye was in his right senses. He was not bewitched.  I am talking to people who are determined to forever look for greatness I hope. If that is what you are you are looking for, don’t be shocked if you make a name before money comes.

I wrote for a lot of years before I got money. Intelligent people in respected offices followed me and praised me and compared me to veteran writers who had made big names before I was even born. Some people even said they had never seen a man who could write to inspire and people understood, like I did it. I was in fact nothing then.

I was fresh from the university and still a very poor young man. So many famous people in this country, especially in the music industry have never gathered the money you think they have.  We are close to them, so we get the rare privilege of studying them at close range.  They also lack.  It takes a lot of money and time and a lot determination then, and   sacrifice to obtain fame. And when fame is found, it takes more hard work and a lot of it to maintain it.

People, who are not ready to handle the heat that comes with fame please, stay down. I can no longer freely go to Owino to look for the rare attires like I used to do when I was still poor.  Pay these people please when they come to sing for you when it is still their time. Some former celebrities are in today suffering. It is true. Those who are on live a life of pretence.

Most known musicians are so broke that they cannot even afford to give a ten thousand shilling note to a friend or relative if asked. A song for a little known musician, however good it may be, cannot be played anywhere on TV or radio, if he doesn’t pump in money to satisfy those in charge there. Money is spent all the time.

The industry is rotten.  There is no leader in this thing to guide these young men and girls filling Makindye. I was once a music vector. I have brought many musicians to the podium and they hit this country for years with moving songs. I could not do it to others. There is a lot of politics in the music industry. There is a hip hop artiste who for years suffocated upcoming hip hop artistes. He gave money to presenters at some powerful TV stations so that they may not play his competitors’ songs. This musician can no longer do this. Like those who fell, he blundered and slipped.

He has no song to keep him up. He is becoming broke. He put in a lot. He foolishly thought the cricket oval would soon become too small to accommodate his fans. He was too dumped. It is now Fik Fameica that we praise. There is nothing much that the former has got from his sweat. He closed doors to keep others out. He thought this world belonged to him. Extend a helping hand to others.  The former celebrities who today steal fell before preparing for their down fall.

Money is spent almost on a daily basis. This is the life they used to lead. God’s hand is upon us. I attack the opposition and virtually everyone in this government. I am a free thinker. I can do whatever I want even if people have refused to stand with us. We are finally up. It has been a journey. Pastor Kayanja should not be blamed for the suffering of our former celebrities. This should be a lesson to all famous people in this country.

They had to calculate before they fell. There is a life to be lived after fame. Fame is not money, as some people ignorantly think. We made great names, as supremely good writers. We then had to transmute our wisdom into money. We had to suffer again, and we climbed more even steeper hills to discover where money was.

A famous person can lack. Almost all former celebrities are today lacking. These people are also people like you. What distinguishes you from them is that they concentrated and worked long and hard until they attained that status. They still remain human beings. When fame is gone, they become so depressed. Friends go.

Privileges that come with fame also leap away. We need to counsel and hold these people, to get them up. Former celebrities need our prayers.  They are today down and alone. They have no money.  Kaye and other fallen musicians and politicians can steal and even beg, in the streets. It is possible.

Sekka Bagenda is an Inspirational Public Speaker and a sports scientist

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