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RAG.G, struggling hustler washing vehicles to finance music career

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RAG.G, struggling hustler washing vehicles to finance music career

RAG.G, struggling hustler washing vehicles to finance music career

RAG.G, struggling hustler washing vehicles to finance music career

Wampula Arajab a.k.a RAG.G is a new multi-talented music kid on the block. He writes and sings his own music.

RAG.G started singing in November 2017, but right now in his Secondary Senior Three class, he has managed to produce six audios and one video. He washes vehicles in Nagasaki parking lot in order to finance the production of his music.

He was inspired by musicians like; Edirisa Musuza; a.k.a Eddy Kenzo and Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi; a.k.a Bobi Wine who started from the street and ended up successful in the music industry. “I was inspired by Bobi Wine and after realizing that I have the talent I decided to begin singing since music is my passion,” he said.

His songs are: Babe Girl Nyenya; Don’t Lose Hope; Nkulukute; Obwavu and Muchidongo.  A part from singing, RAG.G is also a good actor; he has acted in a film called ‘The Poor Man’s Love’ that was screened by Elgon Cinema production. He says from and after gaining popularity, he will be fighting the corruption; and illness that he says has over taken Uganda Performance Right Society (UPRS).

He said that he will do this through mobilizing all other famous artistes to join the organization in order to overthrow the ruling committee. “You find that an artiste uses big chunks of money to produce a single, audio but he does benefit from it because of UPRS,” he said.

However, RAG.G faces challenges in disseminating his music, especially among the Mbale community, where he lives because the radio stations in Mbale asks him for a lot of money before airing his music on air. This, he says, has affected his career.

Arajab Wampula was born on October 9th, 1999, he is the fifth in a family of eight children of Hussein Wako and Madina Hasakya of Kiteso Cell Namakwekwe Ward in Northern Division Mbale district. He attended Wanambwa Primary School and is currently in Nkoma Secondary School in Mbale. He dreams of becoming the best artiste in Uganda in the next ten years.

What other people say about RAG.G

Madina Hasakya (mother)

My son is a very disciplined and ambitious boy. As a family, we support him in whatever he does in both education and his music.

Wako Hussein (father)

He is such a humble boy that when I heard that he is singing I wondered, but I support him because I love my children.

Emma Masaba (friend)

He is social, and most of all, he loves what he is doing. He has passion for music. As his friend, I have never seen any bad character in him as yet.



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