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Kakumbi aimed the hoe at Jane, hit Kiwa instead

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Kakumbi aimed the hoe at Jane, hit Kiwa instead


many women in prisons are sentenced due to domestic violance

many women in prisons are sentenced due to domestic violence



When I interviewed women prisoners, I was surprised to learn that most of them (50%) are there because of domestic violence. Their stories are very touching. This is one of them, but  I have decided to reveal their real names. In prison they were called by the names of the weapons they used to commit their crimes. Today, I bring the story of Kakumbi.

“When Kakumbi finished her ‘O’ Level, she met this young man, Kiwa (not real name), who promised to marry her. Kiwa had a shop at Nakulabye, dealing in electrical appliances.


“Despite the fact that she performed well in school, Kakumbi refused to continue with her education; she was already obsessed with Kiwa. All pleas from her parents, who were well-off, fell on deaf ears.


“Kakumbi went on to cohabit with Kiwa. In this cohabitation they produced two kids; Tom and Ann (not real names).


“They made money and decided to rent a bigger house. But Kakumbi had a better idea: that they rent a smaller house (Muzigo) to save as they build their own which Kiwa accepted. They were staying with Ruth, Kiwa’s sister. At their new house, there was Jane, in the neighborhood, who stole Kiwa’s heart.


“Using his sister, Ruth, as the post lady, love between Jane and Kiwa developed very fast.

“One evening when Kiwa came back, he wanted to have a bath and requested Kakumbi to prepare water for him, which Kakumbi did. The bathroom was outside and used by the rest of the neighbors.


“Ruth, who was boiling water, disappeared to call Jane to meet Kiwa in the bathroom. As fate would have it, Kakumbi had forgotten the towel for her husband.  She picked the towel to take to her husband.


“But she could not believe what she found in the bathroom: Kiwa and Jane were making love. They did not see her.


“She went back very disturbed. In the corner as she entered the house, she saw a small hoe (kakumbi). Without giving it a second thought, this was the only weapon that could save her marriage.


“She picked it and charged to the bathroom to finish Jane. But as she aimed to finish her (Jane), Kiwa defended Jane and the hoe landed on his (Kiwa’s) head. Jane ran and disappeared into the darkness.


“The security light was switched on. Kakumbi saw her husband bleeding through the nose, mouth and ears. She knelt down picked and laid him onto her lap. Kiwa said: ‘Mukwano nsaba onsonyiwe sitani yankemye’. Kiwa closed his eyes and died.

“Kakumbi started shrieking; many people gathered. Those who had seen her carrying the hoe, started beating her that she had intentionally killed her husband.


“It was decided that she be burnt alive with. A car tyre was brought with paraffin.


“As this was going on, her mulamu, Ruth came with a flask of hot water and poured it onto Kakumbi.”


“As we talked, she showed me a very big scar on her right arm. As the preparations to burn her alive were in full gear, the LC chairman arrived.


“He looked at the two kids; Tom and Ann, who were crying to see their father dead and their mom beaten. The chairman shouted at the crowd to stop what they were about to do as they were going to traumatize those kids forever.

“The Police patrol car arrived and Kakumbi was taken away.

Kakumbi told me something that touched me most. She said: ‘Abantu bankuba naye nga siwulira bulumi naye ekyanuma era nenkaaba kwekulaba nga omwana wange Ann asika omukono gwa Taata we eyali yafude edda aje antaase nga ate Nze musse. Ate omusajja eyali ankwana yakuba Tom wange oluyi mbu alekere awo okwekaabya nenfa obulumi’.


“She cried.”




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