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My kid Tom Chased the Car

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My kid Tom Chased the Car

"I saw my kid, Tom, trying to chase the car crying uncontrollably.

“I saw my kid, Tom, trying to chase the car crying uncontrollably.

This is the second part of Kakumbi’s story…

“When the Police patrol car started moving the crowd was shouting at me, ‘Wuuyooo omutemuuuu asse bba’.

“I saw my kid, Tom, trying to chase the car crying uncontrollably. My mulamu, Ruth, slapped him so hard that he fell down. That is when I dropped my second tear.

“The Patrol car siren started singing in my ears. I reflected at what I had just done; killing the father of my kids, who was my best friend, my husband. What will I tell my kids, will I ever see them again? Will they ever forgive me?

“Then I remembered that I had committed murder and I was to hang.”

When she reached this point I saw tears (ebiyengeyenge) in her eyes. She excused herself for some five minutes before she came back. I also realized that tears were rolling down my cheek.

She came back, asked me whether I was okay before she continued with her narration.

“At the Police station, surprisingly, I was firm. I made the statement without fear. I remember the Police woman who wrote it saying to the fellow officer that; ‘Ono omukazi mutemu dalla mukalu nnyo. Alabika asse bba mubugenderevu’.

“I was taken into a cell, where I found a woman who cried the whole night. The whole night I was just reflecting what was happening at home. I wondered who was counselling my kids the mere fact that it was their own mother who had murdered the man whom they called, Daddy, did not sit well with me, at all. “The following day, my arm and chest, where my mulamu, Ruth, had poured the hot water was badly burnt. I was taken to hospital where I spent a week under Police guard.

“From hospital I was straight away taken to court; and sent on remand, as investigations were still going on. In prison I met many women who had similar cases.

“At first I could not eat, but those women were so good to me, and I tell you, Abaasi, they are the best counsellors I have ever met.”

When Kakumbi called me Abaasi I got surprised. But I later learnt that they watch TV inside prison and see me on Bukedde’s Ssuubi Programme.

“When I was taken to court for the third time I was committed to the High Court. To my surprise, I had got a private lawyer; from where, I didn’t know.  I only to saw my Daddy, in one of the corners, who waved and smiled at me.

“The lawyer requested to see me before I was taken to the High Court. When I met the lawyer, he advised me not to plead guilty of murder.

“Outside court, as we waited for our bus, Daddy came, looked at me, hugged me, tried a smile but got defeated and cried. He gave me some money and left. He is the one who had got the lawyer for me.”

Dear readers, wait for the third part of Kakumbi’s story and read about the high court drama and the verdict.

Allah bless you all.






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