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  ‘Payment for my struggle’


  ‘Payment for my struggle’


The most important gift we can give to such important men, who choose to serve, when others have feared, is to inspire them.

The most important gift we can give to such important men, who choose to serve, when others have feared, is to inspire them.

As we start to see the beginning of the end of this year, I will tell you that so many people have continued to go out to the world, where busy executives live, just to look for what to eat.  Whether you choose to remain where you have been, for decades now, or to forget the past and move on, and look for big things, this world will change.

Some people even now have refused to accept it that the men or women that possess the biggest percentage of the world’s wealth were once poor. I myself used to doubt as I watched great writers do their work. “Can these things be done” I used to ask myself.  First of all I grew up surrounded by people who knew that, really, without witch craft no person could climb up to great heights anywhere in the world.

Some of my relatives are staunch Christians. I know some of my uncles and aunts who for years slept in churches looking for God. God is good. He healed some of their illnesses. They remained poor though.  We must go out and work, as we pray, their unending poverty   taught me.

Stop grumbling. Stop complaining. Some of us began as the world watched.  I just became obedient and listened. That’s all. The principles were handed to me.  I followed them there and then. I was told to starve my heart of jealous and hate and I did.

You quarrel with your fellow men but this, I am telling, is going to keep you down forever. We know of so many companies which were established decades ago. The job of the workers there is make sure these businesses make enough money to enable them go back home with something in their pockets.  These people are not contented but, without mentioning it, are fighting the founders of those companies. A few years from now such companies and their enemies will be going out of business.

Clear your heart of such things that command you to hurt your fellow Ugandans. Kiryowa Kiwanuka has my support.   Express FC is going to travel along way from where it finished the other season.  Kiryowa Kiwanuka’s payment may not be that money you worship.

Kiryowa is going to become a happy man. You know we supporters of Express have so much love for our club that we can do anything to let it be around. We can even fight. When I talked to him the other day, I accepted that he is really the man that will deliver Express to the land promised to us in the twenty first century.

It is now my pleasure to tell you that Kiryowa Kiwanuka is with you, now, in the Temple of Wisdom. The most important gift we can give to such important men, who choose to serve, when others have feared, is to inspire them.

In the beginning of this struggle, things were very very hard. I today enjoy this world, on a daily basis.  This could not be if I did not come out to say that I would serve my fellow man with my whole heart. I am a very good man to all politicians who have met us and we talked without quarreling.

I am very difficult to all people who have taken this country as a kindergarten. Even very young children should be made to enjoy their rights but, we are not nursery kids.   I am always ready with my sword, my pen, to cut to pieces idiots who think they can, with an iron fist, rule my head.

I am paid abundantly and I don’t know how rich I am really. I was a very poor dog ten years ago.  If you think you have tried and failed whenever you tried, it is true, you are right to shed tears, because you are human. You have children and a beautiful wife to take care of. These people are still around. They are not going to die. But if the worst happens and they die let them do.

Prepare yourself to stand up when such moments occur.  We are a great family and among us are people who will make you forget your loved ones who went before you wrote the last chapter of your book entitled ‘My Struggle’.

I have seen all that you call unbearable. I started and I was dumped by my friends and relatives. Because of this career, I became homeless. I devoted a lot of years to making research about the rich and the poor. Now I had to choose. To sit down and spend my time thinking, and reading, to become a good writer or to look for money that could enable me get what to put on, what to eat or the shelter that I didn’t have. The part from your neck up is important.

Use your head. You are going to succeed. I am happy. I am healthy. I have you too, as my friend.  You couldn’t have read me if I gave up, because hunger and rejection were, mercilessly, striking me.    This peace that I today have was just a dream in the beginning. I am happy.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer

An Inspirational Public Speaker and a sports scientist

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