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Can’t remember the man who broke my Virginity

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Can’t remember the man who broke my Virginity

An intimate couple

An intimate couple

The concept of female virginity has a complicated history. We have all heard the old stories about maids coming to check the sheets after the wedding night when a king marries a young woman, searching for the telltale bloodstain, which was supposedly proof that she was a virgin.

Or remember Claude’s horrifying virginity test on “Reign? That still happens in some cultures. Virginity is still a treasured thing in some cultures and men still madly crave for it as a good quality any woman should posses. The question now is: How many virgins do we have around?

It’s unfortunate that the world has fewer virgins than ever before. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why I have not got married; I have not found a virgin. If there is any virgin out there and you are reading this piece better hurry up and identify yourself because am seriously looking for you.

Almost all men want to marry virgin women. The unfair bit of it is that these very men are not virgins.  How do you claim that you are looking for Miss Right before you ask yourself if you are Mr. Right?

I’m wondering if you guys still think that you should sleep with girls, yet expect to marry a virgin? Is it because you want to be the only one who ever sleep with the girl or because this girl is most likely to stay faithful?

The men who want to marry virgins are the very men who have broken the virginity of tens of thousands of girls during premarital sex adventures.   I have read that engaging in premarital sex can cause someone to seek extramarital affairs.

I would like to hear statements like: I want to marry a girl who is a virgin because am a virgin too.  This is fair.  The problem is that we human beings get busy in killing the caterpillars and later on complain that we no longer see butterflies.  Why do we expect to find virgins to marry when we are busy breaking girls’ virginities in premarital sex? We must be paying for our own sins perhaps. If we have carelessly cut down all the forests then we should not expect rain.

Those of you who still remember how you lost your virginity you can bear testimony to this. Those moments right before you do it for the first time, when you know it’s about to happen, are really exciting!

You’re a bit nervous, a bit unsure, really turned on, and you just feel like your head might explode from all the excitement. For those of you who haven’t lost it please keep it because men want to marry virgins. And those who can’t remember how you lost your virginity and the person you lost it to, God is watching you?





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