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My knickers and brassieres started disappearing

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My knickers and brassieres started disappearing






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“Hajji Ashraf, I am 39 years old; and I’ve been inside here for 11years.”

Nakalawo did not look her age. She looked younger, as if in her late 20s. She was tall, slender and a black beauty. She talked softly, was very clean, with nicely plaited hair.

“I’m a trained medical assistant and my ordeal happened when I was working in a Government hospital. I had just finished my course as a medical assistant, when I got married to Moses, who was a junior lecturer at Makerere University.

“Moses was a very loving husband

“He had just divorced his wife, Nankya, with whom they had one child, Isaac. Isaac was 11 years by the time we got married. When they divorced, Nankya went with Isaac. She later got married to another man, named Kaggwa.“Isaac was asthmatic and he regularly went into crisis. Sometimes, Nankya would call Moses late at night to go to hospital where they had been admitted. I used to be hurt, but I had nothing to do because this was his Moses’ son. I wanted to request him to bring the boy home, that I, being a medical personnel, knew what to do with an asthmatic child, but I knew Nankya would not allow it.””One day, around 4.00 am, Nankya called that Isaac was in crisis. They had no transport so they wanted Moses to pick them from Nabweru to go to Mulago. We were staying in Nakawa. I saw Moses really disturbed but he had nothing to do.

“He called his brother who stayed in Kawempe to pick the boy and take him to Mulago Hospital. He requested me to accompany him. As he drove to Mulago, I could see that he wanted to say something, but feared to do so.

“I decided to break the silence by asking him why he looked so much disturbed this time round. It was as if I had cut him from a rope. He told me that he was tired of being called to go to his fellow man’s house to pick his son.

“He requested me to allow him bring his son home. I accepted his request and gave him a peck on the cheek to confirm my acceptance.

“I saw him become very happy. Now, he wanted me to talk to Nankya, straight away. I was not ready for that, but I was tired of calling my husband late in the night. So, I accepted to talk to her.

“When we reached Mulago, the boy was in the Examination Room with the doctor and Nankya. The rest, including Kaggwa and my mulamu, who had driven them to the hospital, were outside.

“I entered the Examination Room. Nankya, who was there, ignored me. The doctor knew me very well. He asked me who the boy was to me, and wanted me to help him. I told him he was my husband’s son.

“By this time I had already started giving him a hand in putting the boy on the drip. He had already prescribed the medicine for him and was just waiting for the nurse. It appeared the nurse was resting somewhere. I took over and did all the nurse’s work.

“The boy came out of crisis; and I saw Nankya, a bit ashamed. She recollected herself and thanked me. I had no other time better than this to talk to her.

“Using the doctor, as the councilor, we talked to Nankya, telling her to allow me stay with the boy, otherwise she would one day lose him. Nankya never resisted our request.”The following academic term, I started staying with Isaac, who was well-behaved and always quiet. He was also bright in class. Isaac never disturbed me at all. It was around this time that I got pregnant. Isaac used to go for holidays at his mother.

“Something funny started happening. My knickers started disappearing from my peg and all over a sudden appearing. I got suspicious, and thought that it Moses who might have been taking my knickers to the traditional shrines, but he was a religious man. He could not have done that.

“Next, I suspected the maid, but she never entered my bed room to reach my bathroom. Then, who could it be?

“I started not trust anybody in the house any more. I started checking Moses’ laptop, bag or anything of his, whenever he left for work.”One day, at the beginning of the holidays, Isaac was going to visit his mother. A day before that some of my knickers and a brassier had disappeared. Isaac used to pack in the evening.

“His father would take him in the morning. I got suspicious and stealthily checked his bag. To my surprise, my knickers and the brassier were hidden in a polythene bag down in his bag. I almost burst, but I gave it a second thought. I put them back into the bag.”That night I did not sleep. I wanted to tell my husband, but I did not see it as wise. He might even have thought that I was framing his son. I knew it was Nankya who was sending this boy to take her my knickers, but why? She looked happily married. Why should she start her wickedness against me?

“The night passed, and the following day Isaac came and gave me a kiss on the cheek to bid me bye, as he used to do. I really loved the boy. I felt so bad for such a young kid to be a traitor. They left and I waited for the end of the holiday.”

Thanks,fans. We shall continue from there. Allah blesses you all.
Asalaam alaikum




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Dr. Ashraf Simwogerere, is an acclaimed playwright, film producer, performing artist and professional dentist. In 2016 he was recognized as one of Uganda's National Heroes. Dr. Semwogerere is one of the most recognised faces of Uganda's Theatre having scripted and produced plays such as `Suubi` and `Mukajanga`.

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