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Some women hate marrying rich men

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Some women hate marrying rich men

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. That guy smiling from behind the wheel of his shiny Porsche may indeed be trying to impress a woman with it, but he is probably only interested in a fling. The very way a peacock flashes his feathers to attract a mate, some men use conspicuous spending to attract women: The catch is that the guys doing the big spending to bait women are supposedly only looking for a short-term relationship.

I once shared with my female friend a very pertinent topic on marriage. It was about women who marry rich men. During the conversation I realized that there are women who never wish to get married to rich men.   She labored to explain why some women have such a perception and I came to agree that there was some element of truth.

First of all, if you want a rich husband, you have to realize that you will never be the number one priority in their life. Work will always come above you. Money will be above you. So you will have to settle on being number three at best. Why would you ever want to settle on being number three? Rich men are always busy and their interminable business trips deprive a woman of her right to spend more time with her husband.

A rich man may never be yours alone. I mean, what kind of woman can resist a rich man who is flashing money everywhere in a city outside of their home? You can assume how many women he will have competing for his attention to replace you. Again trouble comes when things fail to work out. Things will be great today, but one day you will be back on the streets alone and single, wishing you were never with him in the first place. Or he will one day make a mistake that wipes out his portfolio.

Having a butler, chef and maid at home, a driver to take you places and a valet to greet you each morning may end up causing you to lose some of those precious skills of survival you once had. What life skills could you ever have when all your responsibilities are outsourced to other hard working people? What in the world are you going to be doing with all your time?

The bottom line is that such relationships can never last forever, save for the few marriages that have endured.



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