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A fashion show inspired by Prophet Mbonye

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A fashion show inspired by Prophet Mbonye

Ruyonga performing later at the expo

Uganda’s fashion industry is expanding thanks to increased demand for customized fashion wear. This is helping local designers not only to stay ahead of competition from clothes importers, but also creating jobs for many young people.

Last week’s 1st Edition of the Fashion Revolution Expo that seeks to rival the highly popular Abrayanz Fashion show, is testament to the growing strength of Uganda’s fashion industry.

he 1st Edition took place on December 7 at Ntinda complex under the theme: “Celebrating the African woman”

Owner of “House of fashion” Brenda Karungi on stage with her models.

According to organizers, the expo was set to advocate for Christian freedom, while at the same time shining light on creativity, achievement and excellence in African fashion.

The event organizers are proud of the fact that they are inspired by Prophet Elvis Mbonye of Zoe Ministries.

Nine designers including Ritah Ampire, Moraya with the “Feel of royalty” brand, “House of fashion” by Brenda Karungi, Frances with the “crochet”, “Plus size fashion’ and Zoe girl couture and others showcased their art.

“Rruu, Tutuse” artist Ruyonga and McKenzie graced the show as they entertained fashion enthusiasts.

The multitalented producer Joshua Timothy Waiswa a.k.a Josh S.B the brain behind the expo said he discussed with his friends and thought it would be good if they would put their art out to the public.

“I wanted to do a fashion show that focused on upcoming designers as there are many designers that are not known out there yet they have good work,” said Josh, adding that: “Designers don’t have a voice so this should be a platform for them to showcase their work and be put on the spot.”

One of the models on stage showcasing the designs

Aside from competition, Josh said they are not worried about Abryanz despite having the best fashion brand in Uganda.

He also sought to distinguish himself from Abrayanz saying : “Unlike Abryanz who focuses on only the thin and tall, we are not limited to what we can do with fashion.”

“Also Abrayanz doesn’t have God as an upper hand, we are subscribed to Prophet Elvis Mbonye.”

Designer Zoe girl is one of the designers that championed the expo, unlike the fact that she has no idea about any of the religious policies that they claim government has set for Christians.

In an interview, Zoe failed to mention a policy aspects as she didn’t know any as she went mute, but she claimed the government should give them freedom to worship.

Zoe also honoured Prophet Elvis Mbonye as her spiritual father and thanked him for being a support to them as he prophesized their destiny.

In January, Kampala Pastors leading different Pentecostal churches in Uganda rejected the proposed government policy aimed at regulating faith based organisations, saying its designers had an agenda to stop the spread of the “good news” of Christ.

A policy was drafted by the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity in the Office of the President and being pushed by the Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Rev Fr Simon Lokodo, sought among others to regulate the activities of faith-based organisations and bring harmony between them and the state.



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