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Zahara Toto cursing the day she befriended the bottle

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Zahara Toto cursing the day she befriended the bottle

Zahara Toto with Sudanese boyfriend Don Solo

NBS gossip segment ‘Uncut’ presenter Zahara Toto is the talk of town after several audio and videos leaked revealing how she has became a nuisance due to her friendship with alcohol.

Although Toto says she has now broken up with boyfriend Don Solomon aka Don Solo, the impact of the recordings that have now circulated far and wide, will probably never leave the memories of showbiz followers, present and future employers.

In one of the audio files that is trending on WhatsApp, Toto is heard pleading with Solo, after she allegedly went on an abusing spree, nionioring (read abusing) his mother and family members. Against this charge, Toto admitted she committed the offence under the influence of alcohol.

In that audio, Don Solo makes it clear Toto breached the boundaries of his tolerance and calls it quits, dumps she showbiz queen even as she pleads for forgiveness.

In another recording, Toto is shown trying to drag a larger-than-life Solo out of a house allegedly to sort out money issues.

The two recordings have made #Zaharatoto the top trending topic on twitter, with most people mocking and castigating her as a victim of her own making – most because she’s made a pact with beer.

Fortunately perhaps for her is that MTN has maintained her as a co—presenter in their daily evening promotional show #MomoNyabo.



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