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Anna Talia Ozze challenges young people

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Anna Talia Ozze challenges young people

Anana talia

The entertainment industry in Uganda, perhaps more than any other sector, has recorded a tremendous transformation this election cycle.

From musicians to showbiz media presenters and personalities and mainstream media content producer, Ugandans are witnessing an involvement into leadership positions like never before.

But none is perhaps more inspiring and reassuring than the candidacy of Nambooze Annet aka Anna Talia Ozzie for Lubaga North LC5 Lord Woman Councilor 2021-2026.

AnnaTalia’s decision to step into politics and leadership and quit NBS’s sleez and gossip show Uncut is a monumental transformation and an important message for all young women.

Nambooze has demonstrated ambition and willingness to break free from the trappings of fame and easy money that come with the media.
Whether or not she wins is something else, but her campaign has illustrated a sense of maturity, seriousness and organisation not seen with many of her contemporaries.

Nambooze not only intelligently used her huge social media following to advertise her candidacy, she also physically visited and interacted with the BBC (born before computer) generation in markets, in their bufunda and on the streets.

Her nice gomasi attire and the way she conducted herself by visiting veteran politicians such as former Lubaga north MP Wasswa Lule, speaks volumes about the level of planning and organisation by the young woman.

A teacher by profession, who graduated from Makerere University, Nambooze, identifies herself as someone who shares the plight of the people. Hers is a story of a kid who broke away from the shackles of poverty with the assistance of her grandfather, the late who helped to support he secondary education at Alliance SSS in Lungujja.

She says: “I grew up in a very modesty home that struggled and depended on hard work to survive. My father is a mechanic and my mum did odd jobs to raise us.

“I know what it means to lack and I know what it means to work and raise a family in Rubaga. I have experienced through family and friends first-hand the challenges of HIV, challenges of unemployment and under employment. I know what poverty means to many of us, I grew and lived through it.

She also knows the importance not culture and the value of norms in influencing people’s decisions.

It was therefore less surprising when she not only dressed in Gomasi or Busuuti on her nomination day, but also clearly makes it a point to indicate her clan lineage as a Muganda by tribe belonging to Kobbe Clan.

By declaring that: “I love the Kabaka of Buganda and loyal to our kingdom,” is important because she will represent the seat of Buganda kingdom as the Lord Councilor in KCCA.

Nambooze’s determination suggests she is inspired by the Bobi Wine challenge for young people to take the reins from the old guard and determine their destiny.



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