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Rwanda suspends BBC


Rwanda suspends BBC

The Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) has Friday suspended all BBC radio programmes aired in the country’s local language.

The suspension follows a controversial documentary which was aired on October 1 on BBC2 but continues to draw rage, we have received complaints of incitement, hatred, divisionism, genocide denial and revision from the public following the documentary aired by BBC titled “Rwanda – The untold Story” and other violations of journalistic responsibility spanning a number of years.”

The documentary challenges government’s version of the genocide which says that majority of the people who deid where actually not Tustis as stated by the government,

The figure was challenged by two researchers from Michigan University, who said their findings were based on the study of the country’s population then [1994].

They claim that the Rwanda Patriotic Front, under President Kagame might have killed more people contrary to claims that it stopped the genocide.

Denial of genocide in Rwanda is a criminal offence with a potential to attract lengthy jail terms.

On Wednesday the Rwanda Senate, the country, apex law making House adopted a unanimous resolution which sought to suspend BBC from the county as well opening legal proceedings on the documentary’s makers for denying genocide.

The President Rwanda’s Senate is quoted to have said: “We must stand and fight against these deniers. Among the decisions we should consider is taking legal action against the deniers, be it internally or externally.”

“We should as well consider revising the agreements Rwanda has with BBC. This is an open struggle that cannot be taken lightly and should be taken on by everyone collectively,” he added.

The statement also said RURA would further establish investigations into the allegations, which would help it determine what action it would take against the broadcaster.

However, BBC maintains the documentary has no content that promotes genocide denial but only tries to explain a complex subject.




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