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Wife chased from home for hugging man


Wife chased from home for hugging man

A man this week threw his wife out of the house for hugging another man, a resident of Massajja-Ndikuttamadda, Wakiso district, threw out Habuba Nakachwa with their two children Shamsa Namubiru (5) and Jazeera Namutebi (3) saying his wife was promiscuous.

“Nakachwa is a prostitute. I saw her with my own eyes standing with a man at almost zero distance at around 4pm. They didn’t even stop there, they hugged,” Mubiru said.

In a village court presided over by LCI Chairman Fred Kyeswa, Nakacwa denied the accusations saying the man Mubiru found her standing with was her brother.

Nakachwa said that Mubiiru returned home and started to beat her before he could ask her anything.

“He knocked at the door and when I opened he gave me a punch on the head and I fell down,” she narrated. “When I asked him why he was beating me he said he was cleansing me of adultery.”

She said she met her brother while on her way home from a nearby town and they had a chat

“The man is too jealous yet he is king when it comes to adultery,” she said.

Kyeswa asked for Nakachwa’s brother, identified as Siraaje Mpuga, to be summoned and he was brought in. Kyeswa ordered Mubiru to apologise to his wife after hearing Mpuga’s side of the story but Mubiru refused.

Calm was restored when Nakachwa’s mother, Masitula Nakiwala, was reached by phone and she said the two were her children. She said Mpuga had just returned from Juba following the outbreak of war in South Sudan.

Mubiru apologised to his wife and the brother -in- law and promised never to do it again. He later took his wife to a health unit for treatment of the swellings and bruises he had inflicted on her.



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