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NRM hits back on US threats over Uganda gay stand


NRM hits back on US threats over Uganda gay stand

Bahati (Left) and Lumumba

Leaders of the ruling NRM caucus in Parliament have hit back at the United States and other foreign countries which criticised their decision to support the anti-homosexuality bill to become law.

The government Chief Whip Kasule Lumumba told a news conference that President Museveni made the decision after hearing expert opinions that were offered by Ugandan scientists, ”said Lumumba. She however warned Ugandans to stand ready to face tougher times ahead in case of aid freeze by Americans and other foreign powers.

The reaction follows a warning by US President Barack Obama that Uganda’s decision to ban homosexuality is bound to complicate his country’s relations with Uganda.

Lumumba said President Museveni is only waiting for scientists from Mulago, Makerere university and from Parliament who authored the three reports discrediting claims by homos that the vice is genetically oriented.

The Anti-homosexuality Act, if signed, is however likely to be challenged in Uganda’s Courts of Law because it was passed without quorum.

The US President also invoked violation of fundamental human rights as a key consideration for the possible worsening in US-Uganda ties.



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