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How do you take your relationship back to bliss?


How do you take your relationship back to bliss?

I was hanging out with friends at a Kampala suburban beach and one of them  observed something that is a norm in our bedrooms; He said  that when ten men are somewhere and  the wife of one of them undresses, this is the sad reality, the truth of the matter is that, we all secretly endure and suffer albeit secretly the indifference that we eventually develop when we stay together as partners for long.


Such a situation is entirely as result of our romantic negligence. The problem is we eventually ignore this sacred igniter of passion which is the romance in our relationship.

The passionate quest for romantic fulfillment is the most universal and intense of human aspirations. At its peak the attraction to another person totally occupies the thoughts and will, the emotions and sensations but eventually time robs this wonderful sensation turning it into a stale activity and the sad thing is we allow it to happen.

We all start our relationships in heavenly grandeur but we gradually come back to earth, and if we don’t take great care, we go beneath the earth. This is a common trend that can definitely be avoided.

The key in staying in heaven is romance, but the sad thing is that we are temporarily romantic and after that it’s just the routine. There is a list of romantic things I was reading in a certain book  and I found that if we followed them ,they could be the key to us staying high there, where we were at the beginning of the relationship. Here are a some simple tips ;-

Way to look at romance
Romance is not an object to be found or won. It is a psychological endowment. Romantic fulfillment is not just a matter of doing an act that you see in the movies it should be a way of life for a couples; Make sure that even the smallest chores that you do are dotted with romance, take an example of greeting, even if you are in a crowd meeting your partner in the afternoon with a small kiss on the cheek could make them feel special. So please look at romance as a total way of your life.

It’s not him/her
We should also note that romance is not making the other person love you it’s about making yourself lovable. Many people will do things just to please their partner regardless of their situation, for example buying a gift of a perfume is a romantic gesture, but also you should make sure that you yourself you are always clean and avoid emitting that terrible odour. So make yourself lovable first, then go for  that romantic perfume.

Words crown romance
There are a set of golden words that can be used to make life a romantic journey: I miss you, I love you, you are beautiful, you smell good, all these can be used to enhance a relationship, I have a friend of mine called Arthur ,if one happens to read his messages to his girlfriend  you would be envious at how much love is displayed, even if it’s a ‘where are you’ message, it will crown the message’ now don’t you think that is romantic?

Romance doesn’t have to cost
Small chits under the pillow, gifts as small as sweets, pulling the chair for your lady, cooking for your loved one helping out in their work, simple smiles, hugs and kisses; all these are romantic gestures that will not make a hole in your pocket so go for them. As I told you earlier, there  is a site that has 101 romantic tips visit it.  On the other hand why would you not want to spend some dime on someone you love?

Public Display of Affection (PDA)
There is no romantic person who doesn’t do this. Human beings are showy in nature, when you export your romance from the bedroom to the streets and the public eye then that is the best kind of romance. It will not only be romantic but wit will make your partner feel more loved, and that is the essence of romance, making your partner feel more loved.

There are some people who think that they have to kiss in public, nay even simple gestures like holding hands and hugging could make the difference between a long boring day and a refreshing one.

Lastly its important to note that romance gives a partner a sense of belong and confidence something that can enhance one’s self esteem, and this is what we all crave for, so don’t get stuck in the belief that buying gifts is the only romantic way for declaring that you love some one.



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