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Ugandans in sex slavery cry out for help


Ugandans in sex slavery cry out for help

Uganda Police boss Gen. Kale Kayihura. The institution he heads has warned Ugandans on juice job offers abroad

Uganda Police Force continues to receive calls of distressed Ugandans mostly women living in Arab countries who are enduring sex slavery and other forms of exploitation by their bosses, the Commissioner of Police for Human trafficking monitoring told The Sunrise that police receives between 10-15 complaints on a monthly basis from Ugandans who are held in captivity and enduring torture in Arab countries.

Binogo made the revelations while addressing representatives from licensed labour companies at Kati Kati restaurant in Kampala.

“Majority of the victims are female adults and the most common forms of exploitation are labour and sexual exploitation.” Binogo added: “The most common destination countries are Kuwait, where 29 cases have been recorded, United Arab Emirates (six cases).

Almost all the victims of these abuses were recruited by unlicensed companies who attract unsuspecting job seekers by making deceptive promises of well-paying jobs, according to Police.

The Police therefore urged the general public to always go through the 31 labour recruitment companies that were licensed by the Ministry of Labour.

Companies Licensed by the Ministry of Labour to recruit workers for foreign organizations

1.     Askar Security Services Limited (Plot 242, Entebbe Road, Lweza)
2.     Niles Public relations Agency Limited (Sunset Arcade, 2nd Floor, Wilson Rd
3.     The Gideon’s Men Ltd (Plot No. 31/47 Port Bell Rd, Luzira)
4.     Normandy Company Uganda Ltd (Plot 136, Bukoto Street, Kamwokya)
5.      International Employment Linkages (U) Limited (Plot 145/147 Ntinda Rd)
6.    Sepher Employment Agency Limited (Plot 17, Kakungulu Road, Ntinda)
7.    J. A. G. Security Group Limited (plot 3676, Magoba Lane, Kisugu)
8..     Saracen (U) Limited (Plot 15, Impala Avenue, Kololo)
9.     Security Link Limited (Plot 126, Sentema Rd, Bulange Mengo)
10.     Pinnacle Security Limited (Plot 442/443 Massionatees Off Kironde Road, Muyenga)
11.     Ham Property Services and Management Limited (Plot 1096, Wakaliga Rd)
12.     Mix Link Agency Limited (Plot 1712, Katale Busawula Rd, Sseguku)
13.     Maghrib Agencies Limited (Busabala Najjanankumbi Zone 1)
14.     Apt Corps Limited (Plot 1065, Port Bell Rd)
15.     Reliable Logistics (U) Limited (Plot 1376, Portbell Rd, Luzira)
16.     PGI Limited (Plot 5170, Diplomate Rd, Muyenga)
17.     ALSACO International (U) Limited (Plot 14, Naguru Hill)
18.     Tirajo Employment Agency Limited (Plot 32, Rashid Khamis Rd)
19.     High Tides Limited (Suite 242, Serena Conference Centre)
20.     Oasis External Employment Agency (U) Limited (Plot 924, House 38 CI, Nalya)
21.     Jeveuxd’ Emploi Enterprise Limited (Plot 328, Mulago II, Kiwonvu Zone)
22.     Stema Uganda International Limited (Room 511 and 527, Equatorial Shopping Mall)
23.      Middle East Consultants Limited (Plot 21/31 Tank Hill Road, Muyenga)
24.     Competitive Manpower International Limited (Plot 562, Kiwatule, off-Najera Road)
25.     Round-Off International Limited (Seguku )
26.     Karibun International Limited (Namasuba Kikajo Zone)
27.     Tempcro International Limited (Plot 708, Block 33, Mutundwe -Kweba Zone)
28.     Mobile Labour International Limited (Unik House, Kyaliwajjara – Namugongo Road)
29.     Horeb Services (U) Limited (Mutundwe)
30.    Paval Consult Limited (Plot 246, Nabunya Road, Jerifa House)
31.    Axis Warriors Limited (Plot 22, Bunyonyi Drive, Bugolobi-Kataza)



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