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Homosexuals threatened with death


Homosexuals threatened with death

Ever since Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (Pictured) signed a law imposing harsh penalties for homosexuality, imposing jail terms of up to life for “aggravated homosexuality” – including sex with a minor or while HIV-positive.

It criminalized lesbianism for the first time and made it a crime to help individuals engage in homosexual acts.

And despite the August 1 ruling by Uganda’s constitutional court that the country’s Anti-Homosexuality Act, otherwise known as AHA, was illegally passed by Parliament  jubilation by members of the gay community and their supporters, was short – lived.

Life for  gays and lesbians in Uganda  is becoming more and more unbearable  because they must hide themselves in a bid to exist, say’s Frederick Sewankambo,

” We must initiate secret codes within which to use and coordinate our activities because there is a well – organized network to eliminate us from the Ugandan society”, he said.

A group of youths who operate under a certain NGO in Kampala South, who attended a Human Rights and Peoples Rights conference recently in Bangui, the Gambia, say they are being harassed and threatened everyday.

The youths who preferred to remain anonymous for their own safety, said many gay and lesbians, who have been hunted and threatened with torture in the past have gone into hiding.

The situation became even more threatening for the practitioners after the Ugandan Constitutional Court nullified the Anti Homosexual Law, as critics resorted to crude methods of elimination.

 Some youths have been forced to quit their jobs in Kampala and other urban centres and are hiding in different parts of the country away from the angry residents.

The Coordinator of the “Save our rights”  youth group  Vincent  Juuko said Local Council officials have been warning Land Lords in Kampala and other urban centres like Mukono, Jinja, Masaka, Mbarara, Iganga, Gulu, and Arua, not to accommodate known homosexuals.

v Due to the risks involved in existing and practicing homosexuality, the cost of practicing the act has become more and more expensive hence lucrative,” said Simon Mukiibi.

Some of the youths who have experienced an unbearable life but still remain strong advocates of gay and lesbian activism include Mukiibi Migadde Taddeo, Nakijoba Betty, Kalema Kingstone Jones , Kimbugwe Joshua, Suzana Walubiri,  MAGGIE Mutono, Lillian Nvanungi and  Sheila Nakimera, who believed to be community workers and using their positions to spread the word of homosexuality within the communities. Many of these youths took advantage of the 2014 World Aids Conference in Melbourne to sneak out of the country for good. They had been blacklisted by local authorities.  Others managed to sneak into some European, Canadian  and United States cities where they joined Human rights organizations linked to homosexuals.

Sources in Kampala indicate that some of these youths are close buddies of Christopher Mubiru Kisingiri best known as ”Chris Mubiru” .

To them and many others, scattered all over the world , the only known crime is the fact that they belong to an “unacceptable” sex orientation, whereby they have been rejected by their family and clan leaders and hunted from village level to national borders by police.

 Jones bettex,  who is in charge of luring youthful girls into becoming Lesbians, said they have not been adversely affected by the change in the laws governing homosexuality in Uganda.

” We have managed to recruit and maintain sizeable number of students in secondary schools and  in leading higher institutions of learning, ” She said.

According to Bettex they have converts at Makerere University, Makerere University Business Schools (MUBS), Nkumba University, Ndejje University, Bugema University, Nkozi, Uganda Christian University Mukono, Mbarara University of Science and Technology.

They have also members at Gayaza High School,  Nabisunsa,  Namagunga High School, Taibba Schools,  St Marys Secondary School, Kithende and Kibuli Secondary School.

However the now infamous law initiated and moved by youthful Ugandan Member of Parliament David Bahati Bill is about to be returned to Parliament soon by Legislators, who have  vowed vehemently to protect, preserve and promote African culture against European – sponsored immorals.

 The new Ugandan move should please conservative voters ahead of presidential elections scheduled for 2016. If this Anti Homosexual Law is re  -tabled and enacted into law then homos’ will have to be flashed out of Uganda.

The court nullified the law because in December 2013, parliament passed it without the necessary quorum as required by law.



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