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Police disperse Mabikke’s meeting


Police disperse Mabikke’s meeting

SDP President Mike Mabikke is plotting a come-back

Police has dispersed a secret meeting held by the former Makindye East Member of parliament Michael Mabikke allegedly to plot his rebound to parliament in the 2016 General elections, following a tip from an informer to halt the gathering on grounds that it was in contravention of the public order management act.

The public order management act requires all organizers of public gatherings to inform police two weeks in advance stating the venue and indicating proof of hiring the said venue in form of receipts.  

 “The meeting was illegal because Mabike never notified police and that’s why we acted immediately to halt it,” Omony George said.  

Mabikke who is also the Social Democratic Party president has expressed anger about polices’ action complaining that it infringed on his party’s inalienable right to associate.   

“It wasn’t a political meeting but I was only meeting my long term political friends. The only problem is that our police is inclined to make everything political,” Mabike said condemning police of disrespect for opposition leaders.

“We can’t talk of democracy in this country if police can’t respect leaders,” he fumed.

On the contrary however, sources within the Social Democratic Party however intimated to The Sunrise that the defused meeting was indeed one of Mabbikke’s preemptive effort strategizing on how to moblise support for his bid to unseat Honorable John Ssimbwa from the Makindye East constituency come in the 2016 General elections.



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