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DP ‘faction’ stirs unrest


DP ‘faction’ stirs unrest

Nobert Mao and his wife Naome walk out of a meeting recently

The national chairman of the opposition Democratic Party Al-hajj
Mohamed Baswiri Kezaala has slammed plans by some members of the party to designate party representatives for some areas in the forth-coming general elections.

Kezaala says these plots only undermine the party’s top leadership which is mandated to approve leaders. Kezaala made the comments in response to reports that a new faction for the Buganda region has emerged and is positioning some individuals to stand for specific positions in the region.

But Kezaala responded: “All this is being done by people with intentions of tearing the party but I have already instructed the Party Secretary General Matthias Nsubuga to organize a crisis meeting next week to mitigate all the negative forces in DP.”

The strong comments came after a group of people who allegedly include actor Kato Lubwama, Sam Kibanga, Kiwanuka Abudallah and others unveiled a faction of DP dubbed DP Buganda.

“They continued to bring confusion by selecting certain people as DP flag-bearers as if the party has no procedures to select its flag bearers that will stand in different positions on top of soliciting
money from them which is absolutely unacceptable.”

Similar concerns were raised by the party’s President General Mao this week in a meeting at which he announced he was stepping aside because of health concerns. Mao however warned against his deputies against endorsing people without the full consent of the party.

But Kato Lubwama, defended as legitimate the Buganda arm of the party saying it was created by the party’s constitution and has an elected vice president.

“The DP vice president for Buganda is part and partial of DP. It is not merely a faction but a legitimate part of the party. It is powerful and has people like Kato Lubwama who want to promote the party,” said the artist Kato Lubwama, who wants to contest the Lubaga South constituency.

Lubwama accused Mao of letting down the party in different parts of the country by failing to mobilize members.

Lubwama says he, together with the leadership of the party in Buganda have kept the party dynamic and visible by mobilising for supporters.

“For us we care about the party and have held activities in different parts of the region. Next week, we shall be in Katosi to preach the party’s gospel, sell party cards and urge people to stand on DP party cards in the forth-coming elections,” added Lubwama.

Meanwhile, Kezaala lashed out at the current leaders saying they have misappropriated and plundered the country mercilessly without concern for the future generation.

“You young people have to rise up now and peacefully agitate for the leadership you want in Uganda today and tomorrow through Uganda Young Democrats UYD, the way we did in the early 1990s. The people leading today don’t bother about tomorrow because they have outlived their age,” Kezaala noted.

He however admitted that UYD had lost truck due to internal bickering which is sometimes perpetrated by agents in the ruling party who use divide and rule tactics to stay in power.

According to DP’s chairperson for women league in Jinja district, Josephine Nambooze, 100 members renewed their membership in Bugembe. Membership cards in DP expire every year and they are renewable at 2000/= only.



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