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Supreme Mufti Kayongo’s body laid to rest in Kiboga


Supreme Mufti Kayongo’s body laid to rest in Kiboga

President Museveni paying last respects to the body of the late Kayongo at Kibuli on Friday

The body of the late Supreme Mufti Sheikh Zubair Kayongo, the titular head of the Kibuli-based faction eulogised the late Kayongo as a great teacher and leader who worked for transparency in the leadership of muslims in the country.

Nakibinge addressed the issue of disunity among the muslim brotherhood in Uganda by saying that lack of transparency at old Kampala – the official headquarters of the faith, is what caused the divisions.

“What divided us was lack of transparency in the custodianship of our property. But all we need is unity among Muslims,” he said.

The head of old Kampala-based faction Mufti Ramathan Mubajje did not attend the prayers for the body of the late Kayongo, as he was reported to be in South Africa. But his juniors at Old Kampala expressed condolences.

Nakibinge also addressed the recent dispute between on of Kibuli’s leaders Nuhu Muzaata and the Mengo establishment by saying the dispute was only between the Katikkiro Charles Mayiga and Muzaata. He said the late Kayongo had solved the matter.

During the same ceremony, Muzaata shook hands with Katikkiro Mayiga.



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