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Museveni exploits incumbency ahead of 2016


Museveni exploits incumbency ahead of 2016

President Museveni tours a dam constructed by Government in Kole district

President Museveni tours a dam constructed by Government in Kole district

President Yoweri Museveni is taking full advantage of his incumbency to improve his chances for re-election in the forthcoming 2016 general elections.

Over the past couple of weeks, the President has traversed Northern Uganda to cement his support for presidency.

Museveni was in Gulu Municipality a fortnight ago where he commissioned the 105km Gulu-Atiak-Nimule road.

Museveni’s four-day tour of Northern Uganda is said to be in support of Operation Wealth Creation.

The road has been upgraded and tarmacked from Gulu to the Ugandan – South Sudan boarder of Nimule at a cost 89 billion shillings thanks to a loan from the World Bank.

Museveni praised his clear-headed political leadership for instilling discipline in the army and safeguarding peace in Uganda.

“We have built a strong army but it’s not a dictatorship and needs a well founded and clear headed leadership to be sure that the country’s future is safe. Even if you have a strong army without clear political leadership you can’t guarantee national peace and transformation therefore value your vote because it counts, ” said Museveni.

Museveni urged the people of Northern Uganda to wisely choose their leaders but also take advantage of the peace and infrastructures such as the good roads to get themselves out of poverty especially through commercial agriculture.

Museveni repeated the theme of building a strong army while on his visit to Alebtong district.

The President urged the people of Alebtong to exploit the developments brought by government to create wealth for themselves.

Museveni said he sent army officers to support households to get involved in wealth creation and to know that they need money and that they need to transform from subsistence to commercial for food and money needs.

Museveni warned against land fragmentation and urged families to share what comes out of the land but not the land. He also cautioned parents to support their children adopt production skills such as midwifery, metal fabrication, mechanic, carpentry etc for job creation and income generation.

He disputed claims that the Operation Wealth Creation is only meant to benefit NRM supporters and said all Ugandans will benefit. He urged families to engage in cost effective enterprises such as fish farming, citrus, coffee, bananas and poultry production.

The President met and congratulated Victor Ochen, a childhood victim of war and founder of the African Youth Initiative Network, which works for the healing of trauma and to promote youth leadership. He was nominated for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize by the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC).

North will be Uganda’s industrial base

While at a major rally at Apach Boma Grounds, in Apach district, Museveni predicted that Northern Uganda will soon become an industrial base for Uganda because of the fact that the region will soon host Uganda’s biggest hydro power dams. The 600MW Karuma dams as well as the 400MW Ayago are under construction.

While referring to the takeover of Maruzi government ranch in Apac district, Museveni said that Uganda must modernize and the ranch should be transformed into a city of factories that will create jobs for our children.

He suggested that Maruzi city should produce a number of products including motorcycles and was optimistic that this move would create a lot of employment He assured the people that if the Turkish investors do not set up factories in Maruzi, he would throw them out.

At Kapeka in Nakaseke District, where President Museveni’s brother General Salim Saleh runs major agricultural operations, Museveni said a motor vehicle assembly plant would be established.



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