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Besigye win signals warning to TDA


Besigye win signals warning to TDA

and perhaps the People’s choice for the project.

Busiro South Member of Parliament Lubega Ssegona said Besigye came out of a democratic process which he says “will feed into The Democratic Alliance (TDA)” and “therefore augurs well for the future of the Alliance to which FDC subscribes.”
“This can as well foretell a similar democratic path that TDA will embark on before it will finally arrive at its single candidate for next year’s presidential elections, cure ” Ssegona said.

Comparing FDC’s Delegates conference to that of the NRM which he said had some delegates maliciously locked out; Ssegona applauded the party’s electoral commission for having put together what he called a well organized conference.

“We congratulate Dr. Besigye on the resounding victory. But we congratulate in the same magnitude FDC’s president Mugisha Muntu for conceding very quickly, ” Ssegona said.

City lawyer Ludislaus Rwakafuuzi on the other hand congratulated FDC for what he called a successful milestone in a democratic process.

Rwakafuzi also expressed optimism that Besigye’s victory sends a clear message that Besigye is a strong contender for the single candidate job given the rigorous and refining process he has gone through at party level.

This he said leaves the retired Colonel in a better position for scooping the TDA slot as joint flag bearer to face off with President Yoweri Museveni come 2016.

“As it appears, Mbabazi has already picked up nomination forms for the Presidential race, while Norbert Mao’s case is also equally decided as a DP’s flag bearer since his party’s Constitution already confirms him as DP’s flag bearer by virtue of his position as a party president.”

He added: “This leaves Dr. Besigye as a better TDA candidate since he has faced the rigorous and testing challenge of campaigning throughout the entire country.”
Political analyst Charles Mwanguhya Mpagi of the Citizen Coalition for Electoral Democracy Uganda (CEDU) agrees with Rwakafuzi on the quality of FDC’s internal sieving process and put Besigye into the lead as the best candidate.

He however observed that the alliance will have to wait for the other political parties (signatory to TDA) to deliver their candidates before it conducts a democratic process to deliver a single candidate in accordance with their agreement.

“The process may mean that Besigye could be the best candidates TDA might get and it is the wish of everyone that when the best candidates offer themselves, they should be elected.” Mwanguhya said.



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