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Presidential advisor compares NRM to Amin


Presidential advisor compares NRM to Amin

The embattled presidential advisor on poverty alleviation in Busoga sub-region has lashed at the NRM government for plunging the country into total anarchy.
Maureen Kyalya Waluube (Pictured) who until late last year was at the centre of endeavouring to restore harmony through cultural restoration in Busoga repeatedly described President Museveni as a darling father and a visionary leader.

However in her recent post on facebook entitled, “NATIONAL RESISTANCE MOVEMENT (NRM): Response to single candidate NRM outcries” Kyalya had no kind words for the resistance movement which she says has resisted all the good things in Uganda.
“The only reason I have never allowed my name to be registered in the NRM party, is because it’s very purpose is anti-nationalistic.

National resistance to me means fighting against the nation and everything in it.
She notes that although the party initially pretended to promote human rights with “fundamental change” as its key message; now it has come out clearly to say there will be “no change” in Uganda and everyone is destined to stay and die in their current state.

Kyalya, formerly a vocal FDC activist cites Education that is not good, poverty, poor health, individualistic rule replacing institutional rule and “NO CHANGE” as clear indicators of a failed state.

“Now I am even getting more worried when I hear key NRM stakeholders expecting no one to stand against them and even wasting people’s media space to complain thereof. I did not realize that this theory of “NO CHANGE” would be taken too far to even LC1 level. Reality is if NRM rigs the 2016 elections as they always do, there is only one option for Uganda, a National Revolution.

If Idi Amin could do it alone on all our behalf although his achievements have been deliberately whitewashed by NRM, so can we as a nation,” she added.

Her post ends with rather controversial words describing what she describes as a ‘dictatorship’ of the current regime saying the NRM Logo clearly illustrates the NRM intentions right from the locking at everyone in the bus; put it on water so no one can get out.

Surround it with ropes so no one can rescue it. And this book called the constitution, take it backwards.

“This is what is called a DICTATORSHIP”.
She laments that Amin’s rule had tough soldiers but people had the freedom to achieve, employment, good health, schools adding the colour and shape of the yellow bus is close enough to a coffin, no wheels, no front, and no back, simply stationary.

“Only God knows for how long someone can stay alive in these conditions. No wonder they are now eating bones instead of fish”



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