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Source of General Aronda’s greatness


Source of General Aronda’s greatness

The late General Aronda Nyakairima

The late General Aronda Nyakairima

Gen. Aronda Nyakairima’s death captured the nation’s attention because of his unique attributes which he exhibited during his life time.


When he was chosen to lead Operation Iron Fist against war lord Joseph Kony, General Aronda completely changed the course of the war when he chose to lead by example.

He commanded from the front and boosted the morale of his men by demanding better equipment and welfare for his fighters.

A humble General

Aronda lived a humble down-to-earth life to the bewilderment of most people.

At a time when top army commanders and politicians got drunk on power and accustomed ordinary people to nauseating sirens and long armoured car convoys that literally kicked every one out of the crowded roads, Aronda chose to remain humble and endured lengthy traffic jams with just one advance car.

In fact, as someone remarked, Aronda detested the siren that many powerful people resort to whenever they get caught up in traffic.

Incorruptible soul

Aronda was rich at heart, not with material possessions. Even when he was surrounded by filthy rich Generals, very rich ministers and powerful businessmen, Aronda chose to ignore all those because he knew this would undermine his integrity and execution of his tasks.

In a country where many a kind have lost all sense of shame by opting to grab public property, Aronda has left the reputation of an incorruptible personality. Sure his zero tolerance to corruption crossed many people   in the places he worked both in the army as well as in civilian administration.

Tough before task, soft before people

Aronda’s strictness in the execution of his duties scared many people. He meant his word and whoever failed to beat the deadline knew he/she would be ‘dead’. And yet the man had a tender heart and an approachable persona.

His warm open heart allowed a number of less fortunate people to par take of his relatively small fortune. According to sources, by the time of his death, Aronda was paying the fees of up to 100 children.



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