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New Bamasaaba king promises reforms


New Bamasaaba king promises reforms

The new Bamasaba (Bagisu) cultural leader, Bob Mushikori was crowned in a mega party held at Bumutoto cultural ground in Mbale district last Sunday.

Speaking soon after his enthronement, the new “Umukukha” promised to institute reforms in the kingdom beginning with an overhaul of the institution’s Constitution. Mushikori who succeeds Wilson Wamimbi, said he will repeal the Bagisu constitution, which he said was written by “selfish people with selfish interests.”

He claims that the current Bagisu constitution doesn’t focus on the growth of the Bamasaba but rather bestows power upon few individuals to draw funds from the institution as if they were getting pension.

“We should build an inclusive institution for the benefit of all. To achieve this, we should repeal our constitution to remove clauses that give powers to individuals to withdraw funds meant to finance the institution’s activities for individual gain,” Mushikori said.

This follows a meeting of the Bamasaba clan heads that was held in July to choose a new Umukukha (cultural leader) of Inzu Ya Masaba when the term of Wilson Wamimbi ends.

The Bamasaba occupy Sironko, Bulambuli, Mbale, Bududa and Manafwa districts and some parts of Western Kenya where they are referred to as the Babukusu.

Wamimbi was elected by 26 clan leaders in July, 2010, as the pioneer head of the institution (Umukukha) and his term in office expires soon.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, who represented President Museveni as a chief guest, said he was challenged by the peaceful transfer of Kingship powers amongst the Bagisu which he said is far different from other cultural institutions in Uganda.

He urged other cultural institutions to emulate the Bagisu transfer of power to end wrangles on traditional power succession.



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