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Biraalo steals show as Mabiriizi Disappoints at Presidential Debate


Biraalo steals show as Mabiriizi Disappoints at Presidential Debate

Gen. Benon Biraalo

Gen. Benon Biraalo

Presidential candidate General Benon Biraalo stole the show with brilliant handling of the questions addressing the matters of public concern

However his fellow competitor Engineer Joseph Mabiriizi of the TIC coalition irritated the audience with a lousy presentation of ideas and was mocked by many indicating that he wasn’t fit to run for presidency.

Top political and social critic Frank Gashumba slammed Mabiriizi over his dreadful presentation saying that “he picked wrong forms”

On the other hand incumbent Yoweri Museveni’s absence at the inaugural debate embrassed his supporters and he was capitalized on by other contenders as cowardice.


However, “It’s like my house boy and maid having a debate about how to run my home…I cannot join them” . Mirundi said.


Presidential hopeful Dr. Kiiza Besigye Faced tough questions on several subjects that included his relationship with the first family were raised.

On health care system Besigye noted that the country should have strong institutions and strong system of accountability and need to refocus on preventive health care such that we reduce the burdens of the “Abim” hospitals


This was the first ever televised debate preceding the 2016 general elections. Seven of the eight presidential candidates turned up including Maureen Kyalya Walube, Elton Joseph Mabiriizi, Dr Kiiza Besigye, Amaama Mbabazi, Gen. Benon Biraalo, Dr Abed Bwanika and Prof, Venacious Baryamuleeba.

Public Opinions:

Top blogger, Diaspora politician and the proprietor of Uganda’s top social Media Ugandans at Heart Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba slammed host Allan Kasujja for being eccentric and he suggested that the TV host Charles Mwanguhya, was the missing link in the debate after that awful performance by Allan Kasujja.

Economist and analyst Ramathan Ggoobi took to twitter and made his observation “If campaigns were to be strictly conducted on live TV, polls would be reading thus: Bwanika (45%), Biraalo (22%), Besigye (8%), JPAM (5%), Barya (1.4%), M7 (0.6%), Mabiriizi (-4%), & Kyalya (0.03%”

Question of the day

Besigye asks Mbabazi about what he knows on election rigging and whether it’s possible to work around it:

Mbabazi: Do you moderator allow unfair questions? I am not aware because I was never involved in election rigging. Fact!

I have heard some stories on election rigging but have no personal knowledge. It’s possible there was rigging.

I am determined to do everything possible to ensure that this election is safe from rigging.

Final remarks from the Presidential Candidates

Venacious Prof. Baryamuleeba

“ I want to assure you one more time that I’m for a peaceful transition and as JFK said, change is a fact of life…I am very ready with a very good manifesto to address issues concerning education and healthcare. I want to thank you and may God bless you.”

Maureen Kyalya

“Change comes once. Change actually means a change from the military government to a welfare state where a Ugandan is the priority. My life is about social activism.”

Kiiza Besigye

“The urgent, fundamental change our country needs is the empowerment of our citizens. That power moves from those with guns to the citizens of Uganda…We want this to be a peaceful transition and as I have promised in a very short time, every Ugandan will be walking with a swagger.”

Joseph Mabiriizi

“ I ask all Ugandans to join me in this struggle of restoring Uganda into the Ugandans hands…I am the only candidate having plan A, B and C…I won’t allow vote rigging so please vote me in.”

Gen Biraalo

“This was the first level ground. Ugandans vote peace. Protect your vote, use your phones, and take evidence. Capture everything so we can use it in court if anything happens.”

Amama Mbabazi

“My offer to be President for the next 5 years is to ensure that Uganda changes…My candidature is for the youth, for the future. For the first time in the history of Uganda, we don’t want a situation where when one Gov’t goes it is replaced by one without experience. We need accelerated progress. In the five years, I offer to transit from what we are to something new.”

Abed Bwanika

“We’ve all made a case for change. There’s only one candidate who knows where we are and that is Dr. Abed Bwanika. We want to provide services…We want to ensure that the youth of this country have got jobs. I call upon every Ugandan to go to the polls and your candidate is Dr. Abed Bwanika.”



























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