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Police Investigate origin of Christopher Aine photograph


Police Investigate origin of Christopher Aine photograph


Police Press and Public Relations Officer Fred Enanga

Police Press and Public Relations Officer Fred Enanga

The Police are actively investigating a photograph that was published on the front page of the Red Pepper Newspaper, today, Thursday, 7th January, 2016, with a caption “AINE ‘BODY’ EMERGES”, where it went to add “Missing Mbabazi aide look alike corpse pops up in mortuary”.

The dangerous story has gained much attention and created media frenzy, after a “questionable composite image” was run against a genuine photograph.

We want to put it clear, that the origin of the photograph and the circumstances under which it was taken are unclear and unknown, which gives no factual basis or evidential value to the story.

However, due to the fact that the Red Pepper Newspaper and selected social media sites have used the photograph to back up their stories, it calls for an investigation, to help establish who posted the pictures, how they obtained the photos, to enable us validate their version of events.

This will help us determine whether the story is a manipulated and atrocious falsehood or a conspiracy forum to smear and discredit the Police.

Meanwhile, the story gave an opportunity to the immediate family members to visit the City Mortuary, and view for possible identification, all bodies at the mortuary in the presence of Senior Pathologists from the Ministry of Health and the Police Health Services. No body or look alike to Aine Christopher was found.

The family members proceeded to the Special Investigations Department at Kireka and gave an account suggesting how Aine Christopher had since gone missing, over the Red Pepper story.

We therefore, request the media to hold back from using the image, since its legitimacy is still questionable, until when it has been ascertained as a genuine photo or not.

We want to inform the public that until further information or evidence is obtained that suggests otherwise, we believe Aine Christopher is alive and in hiding. And for that matter, we are continuing to investigate his case as that of a missing person, who is also wanted by Police.

Our Police notice therefore, is still valid and in addition we also expect the Chief Magistrates Court, at Jinja, to issue a warrant of arrest for him, following his failure to appear before court, on Wednesday, 6th January, 2016.

We further caution the public not to believe stories on social media and other related outlets, until when they have verified their sources.

CP Fred Enanga

Press and Public Relations Officer

Uganda Police




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