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Ugandans in UK face deportation


Ugandans in UK face deportation

As anti-immigrant wave sweeps Europe

Anti immigrant wave is sweeping across Europe

Anti immigrant wave is sweeping across Europe

The new wave of hostility towards migrants that is sweeping across Europe has spread to the United Kingdom (UK) where hundreds of thousands of poorly paid Ugandans may be forced to return home.

Last week, UK’s home secretary Theresa May revealed her government was set to introduce tough new measures which critics said were aiming at expelling poorly paid foreigners in the UK.

The Independent newspaper of UK reported recently that the conservative government of Prime Minister David Cameron planned to expel any foreigner who had lived in the UK over the last five years but could not show proof that they had earned 35, 000 pounds in a year (Approx. Ushs14m a month).

Although Home Secretary faced came under serious criticism for the ridiculous new measures, many observers see the move as part of a discriminatory stance especially against foreigners targeting migrants, asylum seekers and opportunity seekers.

Namuddu, a nationalised Briton from Uganda painted a bleak picture about the possible impact of new measures on Ugandans.

When asked about the plan, Namuddu said: “Ha ha, that’s a joke. Who is going to do the cleaning jobs? First of all, starting salary is 23,000 pounds, take home is 19,000 pounds. Britain would be nothing without immigrants because they do most of the menial jobs.

“I don’t know of any Ugandan who earns that much money. If they are that wealthy and earn that much money, then they can live much better lives in their own countries,” says Namuddu.

The discriminatory tendencies apparently targeting asylum seekers from Africa and Arab countries has spread across Europe.

In Norway, the Minister of Migration and Integration Sylvi Listhaug last week also presented 40 new restrictions to the country’s immigration rules.

The measures were intended to reduce the number of refugees reaching the Scandinavian nation.

The new measures include the requirement for refugees to have proficient understanding of Norway’s language and culture. The Police will also reportedly deport rejected asylum seekers more quickly and the right to appeal will be restricted.

Critics of Sweden’s new move have condemned it saying it represents erosion of one of the core values of European European of border-less travel.

Similar anti-migrant tendencies were voiced in Denmark. But supporters of the new measures say they are intended to guard against terrorists who may disguise as refugees.

In recent months, a number of European countries have expressed worry about the influx of migrants seeking to reach prosperous countries known for their generous welfare systems and for relatively welcoming attitudes.




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