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Maureen Kyalya cautions losers against chaos


Maureen Kyalya cautions losers against chaos

the female

presidential candidate in the 2016 general elections Maureen Faith

Kyalya Waluube has conceded defeat and congratulated Yoweri Museveni

upon his victory as the president elect.

Ms Kyalya says her call throughout the campaigning has been of peace,

unity and a cooperative Uganda, saying though there were some

irregularities of voter bribery and intimidation; she is smaller than

Uganda and therefore willing to abide by the majority decision.

“Surely the ground was unleveled but as a mother, who loves peace and

Unity, I am already in my garden in Bugweri cultivating my garden and

I urge all Ugandans to do the same for the good of our country. We can

sort out our grievances in 2021 in the ballot again” she said.

Kyalya also agreed to work with president Museveni if given any

opportunity in the new government come May this year.

“You remember in the last presidential debate Mr Museveni and I had a

chart where he agreed to be my chief advisor and I also offered to

serve in his government and now that Ugandans have amidst odds given

me few votes including my very own home people in Busoga who plight I

fight for, I will work with him if called to though I am not looking

for any job” she noted.

“She however passed a strong caution to members of the opposition

especially the youth to mind their work and painful accept the

election results. “All of us candidates have money thus we were

able to pay nomination and facilitate our campaigns but I sympathize

with my young brothers who leave their small businesses and activities

to fight wars that do not belong to them. I advise you to desist from

chaos for the good of Uganda” she said.

Kyalya polled 40,598 Votes representing (0.44%)



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