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Polls already rigged, Maurine Kyalya alleges


Polls already rigged, Maurine Kyalya alleges

says the high level of voter intimidation across the country is likely to bring undue advantage for the ruling party come February 18th.

Kyalya, notes that voters have been told mostly by NRM supporters that if they do not vote for incumbent Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Uganda will slip back into anarchy.

“All statements being made by NRM bigwigs like Kasule Lumumba aim at not only corrupting the mind of the peasant Ugandan but also to intimidate the masses thereby depriving them of their right to decide freely and fairly,” she said.

Kyalya was recently canvassing for support at Ambercoat market, the get way to Jinja town after crossing the Nalubale bridge, also cited voter bribery saying the ruling party has splashed and dished out sacks of money through many avenues to corrupt voters to the last minute after realizing the public opinion is not in their favour.

“Sacks of money have been channelled through associations and groups like Abaise Igeme to purposely bribe voters and all this cannot give some of us any opportunity to play in a levelled ground and expect a win at the end of the game” she added.

Kyalya suspects that the arrest of Gen. David Sejusa could also be a ploy by the government to pour cold water on its opponents and critics as they conduct ‘dubious’ business on the election day and thereafter.

She notes that there is still great demand for civic education for the masses to realize their power and rights if the 2021 polls would be more fair and free.

“These campaigns have given me opportunity to traverse most parts of Uganda and witness the trauma and intimidations some Ugandans have been inflicted with during this region that does not give them opportunity and free will to make right and researched decisions” she added.



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