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Uganda’s opposition not working hard enough – Abudu Katuntu


Uganda’s opposition not working hard enough – Abudu Katuntu

MP Abdu Katuntu challenged opposition

MP Abdu Katuntu challenged opposition

Bugweri County Member of parliament Abdu Katuntu has bitten the bullet and challenged the opposition especially F DC Party to stop hiding their heads under the sand and work harder if they are to ever win any elections in the future.

He accuses them (opposition members) of unconstructively spending time in urban “on face book” and failing to indulge in activities that should help stamp their parties’ presence on the ground.

He pointed out that failure to field candidates in over 40 constituencies is an indication that they don’t only lack support in those areas but also the ability to mobilize the supporters to stand for political offices on their behalf.

Commenting on the fewer parliamentary seats his party (only 36) has won in the 10th parliament, > Katuntu reminded the opposition of the fact that “government is not about only the presidency.”

“Lets imagine that his Excellency Joseph Mabirizi  won the presidency and  was declared a winner by the Electoral Commission, how would he go ahead to run the government without a single member of parliament in the House.”

“Rather than hiding our heads under the cover of rigging every after an election, there are serious questions for which we need to find answers and faster we find them the better for us.”  Katuntu advised.

His views gained support from Uganda Federal Alliance’s Betty Kamya with whom he was appearing on the popular Capital Gang talk show today.

Betty explained that targeting the presidency (by the opposition) without efforts to dominate the legislature both locally and nationally is a far fetched illusion.

Citing president Museveni, Kamya argues that any successful presidency, “finishes all governance business in the House.”

“Imagine the amount of money Kizza Besigye and Amama Mbabazi spent in the presidential elections, it was enough to bring in over 50 opposition members in the House and that way we could begin talking.” Kamya said.






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