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Are MPs right to refuse to pay tax on their ‘fat’ salaries?


Are MPs right to refuse to pay tax on their ‘fat’ salaries?

Ugandans speak out

Ugandans speak out about MP’s taxes

The Parliamentary Commission has gone to the Court of Appeal to challenge a recent ruling in the High Court (Commercial Division) which ordered that Parliament starts to deduct Ushs9million in Pay as you Earn from MPs’ emoluments.

According to figures, including some of the least paid public servants such as teachers.

But Parliament’s decision to protect its members’ pay has attracted mixed reactions from a cross section of Ugandans with many dismissing the legislators as non patriotic and insensitive.

The Sunrise talked to a cross section of Ugandans over the matter and below are excerpts:`

Fred Kawesi

First of all, I am hearing news that our members of parliament who earn so much money are not paying tax. Goodness! Let them not shame themselves by resisting paying tax because they are one of the best placed institutions to do so.

Charles Mawa

Let Mps stop joking, mean business and behave as mature individuals who their electors expect of them. By any standards, they are not in the list of people expected to evade taxes in this poor nation.

Mukasa Joseph

Ordering or forcing MPs to pay tax is long overdue. Why do I pay tax when MPs are exempted?

Nyamwiza Agnes

It a shame! These are people who raise their earnings as and when they feel like and evading a tax on their income is very irresponsible!

Aisha Nakibuuka

We are tired of people who are not patriotic. How can our MPs be so irresponsible to such an extent of refusing to pay tax which they well know is one of the major sources of national revenue?

Anthony Opio

Let MPs not insult Ugandans. This is an unacceptable attitude and let them stop being greedy. If it is agreed that all of them pay taxes as Ugandans. It is only fair that all of us pay.

Phillip Gwagi

This is an unexpected attitude among leaders of MP’s caliber anywhere in the world. First of all these are people we expect to lead by example especially in this noble responsibility of paying tax. Why then should we pay tax? It is a shame?



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