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Kabaka endorses Katikkiro Mayiga’s approach


Kabaka endorses Katikkiro Mayiga’s approach

Sabasajja Ronald Muwenda Mutebi and the Nabagereka of Buganda during the Kabaka’s birthday celebrations at Naggalabi Buddo

The Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, gave a rare long speech at Kings College Buddo as he marked his 61st birthday where he appeared to endorse Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga’s approach in developing the kingdom.

In his speech, the monarch on the throne since July 1993 acknowledged the efforts to develop the kingdom instructing clan heads to start companies to develop the people they lead. “Each clan must start a company that will help it preserve our culture as well as sustain itself,” Kabaka Mutebi said in a prepared statement.

The message was well received by all the 54 Clan Heads who were present or represented at Buddo. This is a direct endorsement of Katikkiro Mayiga who has spent almost three years in office finding solutions through which the Kingdom can sustain itself financially instead of surviving on handouts. Since 2013, the kingdom has been able to create companies and boards all of which are aimed at preserving the Kiganda culture and heritage as well as making money.

“Poverty is one of the biggest challenge we face in Buganda today. The glory of our kingdom can only be restored when people have something to eat, can afford school fees for their children, medical and other necessities of life,” Mayiga has previously said. Therefore, the Kabaka’s choice of words on a major event in the kingdom comes at a time when people are able to evaluate what kind of leader Katikkiro Mayiga is.

In a few years, he has been able to push for investments to increase the kingdom’s income. The Kasubi Royal Tombs is set to be finished this year. If completed, the UNESCO World Heritage site will start to bring in the kingdom the much needed financial boost.

Masengere Building is already occupied by paying tenants, and people are buying houses in Mirembe Villas located in the picturesque Lake Victoria resort area of Kigo. Plans are underway to start another major housing project in Ssentema in Busiro county.

CBS FM and Buganda Land Board have been reorganized while Buganda Investment and Commercial Undertaking Limited (BICUL) is on the look out for more and more investments to spur economic growth. Ngule Beer is breaking every sales record and enjoying massive appeal even when there are no adverts pushing it.

“Ngule Beer is one of the most selling beer brands already. To be honest, sometime we pray that they don’t bring it, otherwise for us selling other beer brands here in Masaka we are at a loss,” says John Kikaawa, a beer dealer in the greater Masaka area. Buganda Broadcasting Television has already started attracting major advertisers.

DFCU Bank CEO Juma Kisame while handing over the bank’s contribution towards organizing the Kabaka’s Birthday to Katikkiro Mayiga said his bank will soon run ads on the channel. “We are looking forward to do business with BBS TV as DFCU Bank because it is a good channel that reaches our target market,” he said.

Big brands like Airtel are now associated with the kingdom by being part of the Kabaka’s birthday celebrations. The Kabaka being a pragmatic leader, has already realized that focusing on investments can develop and empower his people hence the call for Clan Heads to learn from Mayiga and start businesses.



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