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Ritual Murders: Rakai hide businessman cornered in Kyotera


Ritual Murders: Rakai hide businessman cornered in Kyotera

Police Boss Kale Kayihura

Police Boss Kale Kayihura

Finally, a businessman wanted for four cases of ritual murders in Rakai district has been nabbed by the police.

Police in Rakai is grappling with increasing cases of ritual murders which has seen four young people losing their lives in a space of a few days. The innocent children are sacrificed by people pursuing wealth, among other worldly pleasures.

The fugitive had engaged the police in the game of hide and seek for close to four months. His luck run out after police cornered him hiding in neighboring Kyotera. He was undergoing questioning by Wednesday as police embarks on the task of weaving evidence pinning him.

The suspect’s name is Willy Serugo. He operates business in Kyotera and Mutukula in the greater Masaka region, according to information released by police sources in Rakai.

Serugo is wanted for, among others, sacrificing his nine year old nephew during the past Christmas festival. Sharon Nassuna, the victim, was a learner at Kyamakadde Primary school in Rakai.

This newspaper understands that Serugo picked the girl from his sister, Annet Nabasumba.

“He told me that he was taking the girl to spend the Christmas season with him. I did not suspect anything sinister. Serugo is my brother. I released my daughter to him,” police sources quote from a statement that has since been written by Nabasumba.

Far from taking the girl to enjoy the Christmas dietary with him, the uncle had other ideas. They were wicked ideas. Serugo is alleged to have sacrificed his young nephew and dumped the body in a eucalyptus forest where it was recovered later.

“The clothes which the girl was wearing are the ones which helped the mother to identify the dead body to be that of her daughter. The head had been cut off as well as her private parts,” police sources offered.

Serugo is quoted as telling his sister after allegedly sacrificing her daughter how the girl had disappeared after he had sent her on the chore of disposing of rubbish.

But the mother is said to have disbelieved her brother. After putting him on pressure to produce the girl as well as reporting the matter to police, Serugo is reported to have ducked off, taking to hiding.

After a protracted manhunt, Serugo is now in the safe hands of police awaiting to face the full force of the law.



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