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Subjects upset Kabaka Mutebi


Subjects upset Kabaka Mutebi

The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi

The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi

Kabaka Mutebi is hugely disappointed. The source of the king’s disappointment is millions of his subjects who are struggling to make ends meet.

The king’s Kattikiro, Charles Peter Mayiga made his boss’ loss of sleep public while addressing the Buganda Development symposium on Tuesday this week.

“His Majesty is deeply concerned by the quality of life led by majority of his subjects, ” Kabaka Ronald Mutebi 11’s premier told the symposium attended by leading entrepreneurs, politicians as well as officials from the central government.

The annual symposium helps to draw strategies that can help the kingdom get out of the poverty trap as well as point at opportunities that the stuck people in Buganda can tap into in order to get even.

Mayiga said the people in Buganda who talks politics all the time leaving no time to engage in productive work are piling stress on the already stressed king.

“His majesty is urging you his subjects to leave politicians to talk politics. You should dedicate most of your time to work that is geared at developing your households, the kingdom and the country at large,” Mayiga urged Baganda and other people living within the boundaries of Buganda kingdom.

The premier is also asking politicians from Buganda to put aside politics and concentrate on rallying their constituents to engage into developmental work.

“I love speaking politics myself.  But politics can wait for tomorrow and even for weeks, but economic well being cannot be pushed to another day, “the development suave premier whose ‘ ettofaali’ fundraising initiative  has seen the kingdom growing its financial base tremendously, counsels.

Addressing the symposium, the executive director of KCCA, Jennifer Musisi Ssemakula was all praises for the kingdom’s Buganda Bwansi (Self help project).

The initiative that was devised by Buganda’s forefathers organizes Baganda into non-profitable clearing of roads, the drainage system, among such self helpother community work.

“I hope and pray that his majesty can use his charm and favorable position to rally people in Kampala to do voluntary work in their respective localities,” Jennifer overwhelmed by the work of collecting rubbish and human waste deposited anyhow by irresponsible people as well as working on roads now and then, pleaded with Mayiga.



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