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Mayiga dampens hopes for Buganda’s cancer hospital


Mayiga dampens hopes for Buganda’s cancer hospital

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga

Buganda does not have the kind of money to build a cancer hospital: Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga

After the cancer radiotherapy machine at Mulago broke down, desperate patients have been looking at Buganda kingdom to come to their rescue according to Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga.

However Katikkiro Mayiga has dampened the spirits of cancer patients who expected quick fixes from Mengo by declaring that the kingdom lacks the kind of money required to build a cancer hospital.

“The people asking Mengo to build a cancer ward have no idea about the kind of money involved. The money is simply too much. We cannot raise it in the near foreseeable future, ” Mayiga declared while launching this year’s marathon to fundraise money for building a specialized cancer  ward at Nsambya hospital.

Mayiga’s boldness while disheartening can be understood. Buganda kingdom is working on many projects in the area of education such as upgrading and expanding its schools and higher institutions of learning, cialis 40mg issuing out bursaries to the needy, developing Kabaka’s lake in Ndeeba as well as fighting fistula among women, to mention but a few, to spare funds for building a cancer ward let alone building a hospital.

Rotarians and Bank of Uganda are the biggest supporters behind the construction of the cancer ward at the Catholic owned Nsambya hospital.

“Let each one of us join the initiative in order to get an alternative cancer ward at Nsambya hospital. That is the only way to go for the time being,” Mayiga asserted.

The Katikkiro is hopeful that the cancer ward will be up and working if only Ugandans were to show the kind of enthusiasm such as the one they have demonstrated towards his initiative of ‘Ettofaali’.

“I have not the  slightest doubt whatsoever that the task at hand would turn out much easier if all of us were to give in what we can. Let’s just go ahead and contribute and the cancer ward will be in place sooner than later,” the premier asserts.

Known for his tough stance as far as transparency is concerned, Mayiga asked the organizers of the cancer marathon and the custodian of the funds particularly to guard the funds jealously.

“Transparency is key without which the project will be difficult to come to fruition,” warned Mayiga.

Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s brother, Prince David Wasajja, has been named the key runner  by the organizers of the cancer run due this Sunday.

Wasajja is a valued figure man in the corporate circles as well as among all other walks of life. He is not a stranger to the corporate world too. He worked as a top manager at Celtel now Airtel and he is among the top honchos of companies run by Buganda kingdom.

That he is a right-hand confidant of Kabaka Mutebi, a hugely likeable figure himself, makes the organizers choice of Wasajja an ingenious one.




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