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MP Mugaatigwabata hires Arrow boys


MP Mugaatigwabata hires Arrow boys

Kawempe South MP Hajj Mubarak Munyagwa aka ‘Mugaatigwabata’ (Buttered bread) has hired an arrow militia to protect it.

The land in question is located in Bunjakko in Mpigi district. We understand that the property in question is a subject of ownership wrangle between the National Forestry Authority (NFA) on one hand and the MP on the other.

NFA claims the land is degazetted as a forest known as Luwafu. But Munyagwa calls this an excuse being propagated by powerful people in government in order to grab what he calls his land.

“I bought that land at Ushs150m. I have relevant documents to prove ownership of the same. It is land grabbers in government using NFA to steal my land,” Mugaatigwabata asserts.

Information obtained from police in Mpigi traces the land wrangles on strangers using Mugaatigwabata’s land as a grazing area for their animals and those who actually steal his trees as well as plants.

Detectives in Mpigi who spoke on condition of anonymity told this reporter that whereas Mugaatigwabata has since handed in documents proving ownership of the land, the National Forestry Authority is yet to hand in theirs’.

“We opened a general file and summoned the MP who duly turned up with his documents. We have been waiting for the NFA people in vain,” sources reveals.

In a bid to keep off potential land grabbers, Mugaatigwabata has since deployed arrow boys at the land. The legislator confirms renting the arrows-totting people.

“I spent my hard earned money to buy that land. I can’t sit there folding hands when land grabbers are bent on stealing what rightly belongs to me,” Mugaatigwabata justifies the action he took.

Mugaatigwabata reveals how the arrow boys have strict instructions from him to shoot trespassers as well as grabbers who dare step on the land in question.

“Whoever dare step on my land do so at his or her own risk,’ Mugaatigwabata threatens.

Mugaatigwabata is a controversial politician. During his reign as the mayor of Kawempe division, he pushed a wheelbarrow full of goodies through the streets under the guise of taking necessities to needy patients at Mulago.

But police arrested him and impounded his wheelbarrow before he could reach his destination.




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