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Kadaga calls for hard work from Members of Parliament


Kadaga calls for hard work from Members of Parliament

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has asked the recently and newly elected Members of the August House to burn the midnight oil by doing research before going to the House to participate in debate with colleagues.

Kadaga said: “Hard work is an important attribute that you must cultivate by doing sufficient homework before you come to the House or indeed Committees. Your colleagues in the House and Committees can only support you if your arguments are fully supported by evidence based information.”

Kadaga made the remarks during a week long induction seminar held to familiarize the newly elected MPs on the conduct of business in Parliament as well as the expectations of the general public from the MPs. The capacity training seminar supported by different at Imperial Royale hotel in Kampala.

Kadaga injected a touch of authority and experience in her speech when she urged MPs to focus attention on issues that will be laid before them for debate or else Parliament risks wasting time and betraying Ugandans who look up to Parliament for solutions to their problems.

Kadaga further reminded MPs that they are role models to society and therefore need to conduct themselves in befitting conduct, but should also embrace the virtue of tolerance.

Impeccable character, indomitable courage and incorruptible conduct should be our hallmark.

“We have a responsibility to society by behaving as role models. Impeccable character, indomitable courage and incorruptible conduct should be our hallmarks. Democracy demands self-discipline of a very high order.

It demands from its patrons-the people as well as their leaders-among other things, the ability to work with others, tolerating different viewpoints, and ultimately a willingness to submit oneself to the general will of the majority,” said Kadaga.

Kadaga laid out what she considered priorities for the 10th Parliament which include the fight against corruption, improving the standards of education in the country as well as promoting human rights in the country.

Kadaga further urged the MPs to promote gender sensitive policies and advocate for productivity especially among the youth to curb unemployment as well as upgrade health service facilities and delivery.







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