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Will officer Wanyama be lucky again?


Will officer Wanyama be lucky again?

Police Spokesman Andrew Felix Kaweesi

Police Spokesman Andrew Felix Kaweesi

The Police Criminal Investigation boss for Kampala North Metropolitan Wilber Wanyama is again facing fresh investigations for tampering with exhibits. This is the nth time Wanyama is being investigated with similar offences. This time, 000 US Dollars with black ‘counterfeit’ dollars.

According to Police Spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi (Pictured), Wanyama exchanged exhibit money from a suspect.

Kawesi said: “Wanyama is suspected to have had a link in the disappearance of the exhibit money which we later found to be fake. The money was got from the bodaboda man who had stolen gold from a licensed gold dealer and sold it at US$11000 to Pakistanis.”

Kawesi narrated that following the arrest of the bodaboda man, he handed over the money to the police where Wanyama was in charge. And its alleged that even the Pakistanis brought back the Gold. However during an operation against fake gold dealers in Kawempe recently, Police recovered over $ 10,000 (about Ushs 33.6m).

According to a source at the Kawempe Metropolitan Police, Wanyama kept the exhibit money for two days he transferred to Kampala Central Police Station (CPS).

The fake dollar scandal came barely a week after Wanyama was involved in another Ushs60m scandal involving a fuel dealer from Kawempe identified as Omar Muhammad.

According to records from flying squad unit, Muhammad was picked from Kawempe police and was forced to pay Ushs60m to be set free despite the fact that he wasn’t under any investigation.

Wanyama’s scandals are not new either. In 2014, he was investigated for organizing the burning of the CID offices in Old Kampala police station and theft of more than Ushs20m exhibit money.

Wanyama has also been investigated in the disappearance of motorcycles from the same police station which were under his care. But investigations showed no evidence to pin him in this scandal which prompted one officer to comment on condition of anonymity thus: “Wanyama is a very lucky man, he always finds a way out of all these issues.”

The investigation of fake dollars has ignited a number of cases where police officers are being investigated for tampering with evidence involving a number of police officers. Some of the cases revived include the disappearance of cocaine at Entebbe Aviation Police which was replaced with chalk powder.

Currently Wanyama is detained at Special Investigation Directorate (SID) in Kireka while others are on the run and police is still investigating them. Kaweesi warned police officers to either quit the force or prepare going to jail; “Because police is not going to tolerate any unprofessional practices which are damaging the image of Uganda Police Force.”




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