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Ex-MP opposes lining up to choose LC1s 


Ex-MP opposes lining up to choose LC1s 

Former MP Onyango Kakoba opposes lining up for LC elections

Former MP Onyango Kakoba opposes lining up for LC elections

The proposed method of choosing village leaders by lining behind the candidates is likely to result into bad leaders as people are driven by fear and not their conscience in selecting people they genuinely trust.

The Executive Chairman of the African Parliamentary Alliance for UN Reforms, Fred Onyango Kakoba, says the system of lining behind

candidates discourages many people from voting because it creates intrigue and disharmony in society.

“Expect very few people to turn up for voting and these will be mostly hooligans who don’t care about the effects of the system and at the end of the exercise, those few will determine who leads the village or parish,” Onyango said.

He said that lining behind candidates is archaic, ancient and old way of voting that promotes hatred, envy and disputes in community, urging for the amendment of the policy before the forthcoming polls.

Kakoba also suggested that Ugandans should think outside their political party beliefs and inclinations when choosing their lower local council leaders.

The former Member of Parliament for Buikwe North constituency in Buikwe district says that village and parish leaders deal directly and regularly with the local people and therefore their election should not be politicized and influenced by multi party politics.

“I personally subscribe to the ruling NRM Party but as far as I am concerned, LC1 and LC11 leaders should be voted on merit  and competence as it is the case in Ghana, one of our role model democracy in Africa other than  party numeric strength” he noted.

In an exclusive interview with The Sunrise, Kakoba told The Sunrise’s Andrew Bazibu at his country home at Kirugu-Wakikola in Buikwe district that he is elated by the way Bujagali Power Ltd which manages the 250MW plant, distributed power to his constituents.

According to Kakoba, the areas of Kirugu-Wakikola, Namiyagi, Nakalanga and Kalagala that have great tourism potential were greatly affected by stone quarrying during the construction of Bujagali Hydro power station.

“The villages mentioned above were formerly left out but since I was by then the area member of parliament, I took the initiative to write to Bujagali energy and I kept reminding them even after losing the parliamentary seat until now that they are extending the line” he said.



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