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NRM big shots want Besigye in Parliament


NRM big shots want Besigye in Parliament

NRM want him in parliament

Senior Members of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) are praying that in the proposed constitutional amendment, the Leader of Opposition’s slot be taken up by the runner up to the elected president. If this were to be passed, this would take Forum for Democratic Change leader Kizza Besigye (Pictured) into Parliament.

Proponents of this move are actually targeting Kizza Besigye, whose defiance campaign, they argue has forced the government to the wall.

One of the lead proponents of this move is a former MP, who was recently appointed the Director of Rural Communications Fund Nyombi Thembo.

Nyombi says: “This will create a Forum for the Leader of Opposition like Dr. Kizza Besigye to engage government and enable him to present alternative views regarding the country’s governance.”

Thembo argues that: “If Besigye was made the Leader of Opposition for example, he would even find no reason for the defiance campaign he is continuing to wage up to now.”

Nyombi’s comments come amid a latent debate among Parliamentarians along the same lines.

Nyombi argues: “I have proposed this same idea before but unfortunately it has not been bought. I am now waiting for the Constitutional review exercise any time it will come around and I will propose it again.”

Nyombi’s view is supported by the Woman Member of Parliament Isingiro District Justine Ayebazibwe who says the change would be necessary for peace and stability essential for national development.

“That can create balance and at the same time reduce unnecessary tension which we have experienced in the post election era” she said adding that; “It could give us a constructive opposition like the one we see in Kenya where being in the Opposition only opposes where it is necessary in the interest of the nation.”

Observers have however attributed Nyombi’s idea to pressure which the Forum for Democratic change leader has mounted on government courtesy of the defiance campaign which he has mounted since the start of the post election era and he has recently renewed it at the dawn of the new year with the support of his party save a few critics including Kampala Woman MP Ssempala Nabirah who recently came out to bash it as uncalled for.

But Makerere University Historian and Lecturer Mwambutsya Ndebesa thinks the idea is a no brainer because it is meant to corrupt the opposition even before it gets into power.

“Take an example of this Parliament which has been compromised on a number of issues. Imagine how Besigye for example would stand among that so called opposition in such moments if he was with them in parliament? ” Ndebesa wondered.

He advised Besigye and his supporters in Parliament: “Let him stay out of it all the same he has been.



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