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1000 women get free health check on Women’s Day


1000 women get free health check on Women’s Day

Dr. Allan MuluutaAssistant Commissioner National Disease Control speaking to journalists

Dr. Allan MuluutaAssistant Commissioner National Disease Control speaking to journalists during the occasion

Over 1000 women got medical check up on Women’s Day. They were examined for a variety of illnesses that included: HIV and AIDS, Hepatitis B, breast and cervical cancer screening, syphilis and sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs).

They also benefited from free consultations on obstetrics and gynaecology, pregnancy and related complication, adolescence health education, and ascertaining blood groups.

The Head of Women Health Mulago Hospital and Makerere Medical School, Dr. Annet Nakimuli, said, “This health camp was suggested in order to bring these to check up services to determine their health styles. Today, we have extended these services to the women.”

She said that as it is Women’s Day the Ministry of Health National Laboratory Services had availed ten female gynecologists to do the tests.

By having female doctors examining women, it makes the feel free to open-up.  The check ups in hospitals makes the women shy before male gynecologists “whom they fear to tell all of what they would need to ask.”

Nakimuli said that long ago women feared to know their life status; but these days knowing your life status is a requirement because prevention is better than cure. “Every woman needs a special care, therefore in all our check-ups, if we find out that there is need to attend the hospital regularly, we promise to follow them up to the maximum,” she added.

The camp constituted many health service providers such as: Naguru Teenage Centre, where female teens get counseling; Blood Transfusion Services, which handled blood issues; and, the Ultra-sound specialists, who check pregnant women.

The Assistant Commissioner, National Disease Control, Dr. Alan Muluuta, applauded Butabika Hospital for holding the camp saying, “This health camp was to appreciate women and it is our struggle that we see all women stay safe because, if cancers like that of cervix and the breast are detected quickly, they can be cured perfectly, so we encourage prevention illness than curing.”

Muluta encouraged, especially the married men, to encourage their wives to come for these tests because cancer of the cervix and cancer of breast are now common worldwide. All tests from this facility are of international standards.

The Head of Central Public Health Laboratories (CPHL) of the Uganda National Health Laboratory Services (UNHLS), Dr. Steven Aisu said “All services from this facility are free of charge. Whoever wants to come for the checkups, the door is open. We are happy to see this happening.

Aisu added that UNHLS had been open for only six months, but it is already recognized internationally by South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) in HIV viral tests and Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) tests. “Therefore, whatever results comes out from here, are the same which would have come out even if a test is done in Europe or America,” he added.



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