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Islamophobia fanning extremism, says cleric


Islamophobia fanning extremism, says cleric

Muslim World League Secretary General. Abdulkarim Al-Issa

Muslim World League Secretary General. Abdulkarim Al-Issa

The Secretary General of Muslim World League Dr. Mohammad Abdul Karim Al-Issa has warned that Islamophobic, who then become targets of terrorist groups around the world.

Dr. Al-Issa made the remarks during his address to the media in Brussels recently under the theme: “Islam and European values: a new vision for a common dialogue.” During the address, Dr. Al-Issa called for dialogue, tolerance and peaceful resolution of disputes between muslims and non-muslims for stability and development.

The function was attended by European Parliamentarians respected muslim leaders from Europe.

Dr Al-Issa, argued that positive recognition of natural differences between civilizations leads to having faith in the laws of the creator adding that.

Clash of civilization deprives humanity of cooperation and co-existence.

“The Creator commands us to know one another, so as to come closer, so that we cooperate and break barriers of negativity,” Dr. Al-Issa stressed.

He added that wrong diagnosis leads to wrong treatment which in the end brings about a resurrection of passed historical clashes.

He criticized the use of military saying it is not the ultimate solution of the of extremism.

“Dismantling extremist ideologies is the key to defeat global terrorism” he further explained.

“When we talk about clash of civilizations it reminds us of the agony and heavy casualties the repeat of which can only be avoided through wise counsel, fairness and awareness,” Al-Issa added: “It’s a grave mistake to make diversity in religion and culture a reason for inflaming hatred which is the major feeder of terrorism and extremism.

“Islamophobia as a form of offensive reactionary extremism binds the innocent who share religion or culture together with the criminals, the same judgment given to the later. This giving terrorists a lee way to attract sympathy from other.”

“Manages to win only those with perverted understanding among those counted as Muslims and benefits from others who respond to terrorism by reacting to it in the same manner.

Dr. Al-Issa’s counsel comes at a critical comment when many western countries are experiencing varied forms of islamophobia, through the policies of their leaders or through cultural exchanges in the population.

For example, the recently elected President of the United States has fulfilled his campaign promise of expelling muslims by signing executive orders calling for a temporary ban on muslims from entering into the United States.

Although the country’s courts rejected the order, many muslims across the US have revealed an increase in various forms of hatred based on their faith.

Dr. Al-Issa argued that when logic is lost regarding interpretation of events, “We will all find ourselves in the footsteps of the painful era where clash of civilizations occurred.”



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