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West Nile to be linked to national power grid


West Nile to be linked to national power grid

West Nile to be linked to National Grid

West Nile to be linked to National Grid

The people of West Nile may soon see the end to the recurrent problem of power outages after with plans to construct a transmission line linking WENRECO’s distribution network to the National power grid.

This was revealed by Songa Lawrence Biyika, the Araa Constituency Member of Parliament in Zombo District during an exclusive interview with The Sunrise over the weekend.

Songa said that the construction of a line from Olwiyo in Amuru district to transfer power to West Nile and connect with WENRECO.

Songa who sits on the Water and Natural Resources Committee of Parliament said government has secured a Ushs115 Billion loan from the World Bank to kick start the project.

He said the project will enable all the districts of West Nile access to affordable and efficient power.

Songa noted that although WENRECO had been projected to generate 3.5MW of power to supply the region, its output has been affected by inadequate supply of water due to dropping water levels in Nyagak River attributed by cultivation in Congo and Uganda-side leading to siltation in the water system.

He revealed that out of the two turbines at the dam, one does not work prompting the current load shedding that starts at midnight.



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