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Muslim World League hailed for promoting moderation


Muslim World League hailed for promoting moderation

Participants during the conference

Participants during the conference

Leaders from Muslim communities living outside predominantly Muslim countries have expressed gratitude towards the Muslim World League in Makka for promoting values of moderation, forgiveness and harmony across the world.

In a meeting held in Mecca AlMukarramah, participants who represented over 500 Muslim institutions from all over Europe expressed their appreciation to the efforts by his highness the Secretary General of Muslim World League Dr. Muhammad Bin Abdul Karim in the fight against extremism through education and sensitization.

In a statement, the leaders expressed their full support to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia efforts in fighting terrorism and extremism.

They stated that the Muslim World League’s message is in conformity with humanity and good reason. They called upon the Muslim institutions in Europe to provide protection to Muslim communities from infiltrations by those who call for extremism and terrorism.

The participants further called Nations and Governments to join hands with Saudi Arabia in fighting terrorism both ideologically and militarily.

They hailed the positive outcome of American Arab Islamic summit hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the holy month of Ramadhan and also expressed their appreciation for the contents and resolutions of Riyadh summit especially in the recognition of the role of the Muslims in fighting terrorism.

In the statement, the participants also expressed their support of establishing world centre institution for the purpose of fighting extremism, they stated that this is a wonderful initiative of Saudi Arabia in spreading the values of moderation, forgiveness and harmony.

They called for none interference in the affairs of Muslim communities and their relationship with the countries they live in, they emphasized that this is a concern only of Muslims living away from Muslim Countries, as it concerns the Muslim World League which is the umbrella of the all Muslims.



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