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Religious schools urged to teach tolerance


Religious schools urged to teach tolerance

The Secretary General of the Muslim World League Dr. Mohammad Abdulkarim Alissa

The Secretary General of the Muslim World League Dr. Mohammad Abdulkarim Alissa

The Secretary General of the Muslim World League Dr. Mohammad  Abdulkarim Alissa has urged all religious education institutions to propagate the moral values of tolerance and accommodation as a way to fighting extremism, provocation and contraction.

Dr. Abdulkarim Alissa made the remarks during a conference about tolerance and harmony in Islam organized by the Muslim World League at the University of London recently. The conference was attended by dignitaries from Muslim Communities of Europe.

Dr. Alissa emphasized the League’s commitment to spreading peace, understanding and harmony between people of diverse cultures and faiths. He stated that tolerance is an important Islamic value documented in many parts of the life of Prophet Muhammad.

The Secretary General reaffirmed that those noble values of Islam are totally opposed to the extremist interpretation of the Quran contrary to the extremist interpretation of the holly book.

His highness gave examples of many verses in the holy Kuran that extremists never quote, which is an indicator to their ignorance, arrogance and misguidedness.

He quoted the following verses from the holy Quran, which the extremists never recite.

“O Muhammad we sent not except as a mercy and blessings for all the peoples” 21:07.

“Allah doesn’t forbid you to be kind and equitable to those who has neither fought against your faith nor driven you out of your homes” 60:08.

“Call people to the way of your Load with wisdom and best advice, and reason with them in the better way” 16:126.

At the end of the conference resolutions were passed by the participants, they resolved among others that diversity in faith and culture among people is a reality which should be guided and dealt with justice and equity.

The participants also resolved to express their gratitude to the Muslims of Britain for their efforts in presenting a true image of Islam. They also put emphasis on the point of dialogue and to promote the spirit of understanding and co existence between people and to remove all obstacles hindering the achievements of that.

They also stated that respect and regard be accorded to all national anthems and emblems of different nations.

All Participants in the conference expressed their thanks and gratitude for the noble efforts of MWL in serving Islam and Muslims all over the world.



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