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Opposition ‘majje’ vows to fight on


Opposition ‘majje’ vows to fight on

Opposition ‘Red Top’ won round one. They’ve vowed to do more to frustrate the age limit next time. Picture by Hon. Mathias Mpuuga

The Parliamentary session that was meant to table a motion seeking to lift the Constitutional age limit ended unceremoniously as opposition MPs protested what they called a siege by the Military Police.

The MPs cited numerous irregularities including being denied access to their parking yard, ‘being humiliated through intensive searching, as a sign that Parliament was under siege and could not proceed to debate things as if it were normal.

“We have given them a chance to go and rethink this attitude and the arrogance of numbers by which they have been thinking of twisting us into anything simply because they have a numerical advantage. Let what has transpired today remind them that we shall continue to be even harder than this until we shall force them to listen to us.

But more so, about this selfish agenda to tinker with our constitution for the benefit of just an individual,” sad Mathias Mpuuga.

Mpuuga added: “I want to warn Mr. Museveni that we are not going to sit and deliberate in this Parliament on anything under siege and let him know that as we have symbolized it by the red ribbons all of us have put on today.

It symbolized our readiness to die even in the chambers of this Parliament to safeguard the Constitution which all of us swore to protect when we were starting to serve Ugandans,” added Ibrahim Ssemuju Nganda, the Opposition Whip.

“Let this send a warning to president Museveni and all those behind the agenda to remove age limit that whoever will want to change the Constitution will not find it easy and should therefore abandon it for the sake of peace for all Ugandans, ” noted Gerald Karuhanga.



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